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Scotland’s Most Scenic Hikes

By James C

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s no wonder that walkers the world over choose to find flights to Scotland to experience it the best way possible: with a pair of hiking boots, a stick, and a windbreaker. Of course there are plenty of walks to choose from, but these are by far the most scenic that Scotland has to offer. Continue Reading →


Possum: The Newest Adventure Drinking Game in New Zealand

I did some pretty stupid things as a teenager. I mean REALLY stupid. We used to get drunk in the gravel pits outside of town. Then, when we were good and sloshed, we’d pull out an old snowboard and try to ride it down the gravel slopes. It was hard to do sober, let alone falling-down drunk, and if you fell it meant a nasty tumble down a steep rocky hill. We went home bruised and bloodied more than once. Continue Reading →


Philippines Adventures Part 3: The Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area

During my visit to Loboc I visited a well-known tarsier conservation area that I had looked forward to seeing for years only to later learn that in doing so I had unwittingly contributed to an unethical business. Read on to avoid making the same mistake I did. Continue Reading →


Getting Out of Bangkok: Three Awesome One-Day Trips

Practically everyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time in Asia has spent time in Bangkok. It’s pretty much unavoidable. It’s a meet-up spot, a flight-hub, a shopping centre, and the best place to shop travel deals in South East Asia. Most people just stop in Bangkok for a few days before moving on to a more desirable locale. A short stay, however, doesn’t mean forgoing adventure. Tourism in Thailand is well-tailored to outdoors lovers and there are several healthy outdoors activities that can be nearby. Here are three of the best. Continue Reading →