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Four Exciting Family Destinations

With hectic lifestyles and full school schedules, it can be difficult to find the time to unwind as a family. It also sometimes seems as if planning family vacations can become a logistical nightmare of trying to please everyone at once. Here are four ideas for a family getaway that make the most of educational fun, high adventure and lots of quality time together while also offering a little something for everyone. Continue Reading →


Exvana: A New Website for Adventure-Seekers

Exvana is the Internet’s newest (and self proclaimed) “premier source for recreational rentals, activities, guides and tours offered by local businesses and individual owners across North America.” It’s a site for connecting outdoors lovers with rentals, tours, guides, and accommodations in North America which, cording to their about page, contains “over 15,000 listings offering over 75,000 rentals and activities”. Continue Reading →