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Crested Butte Powder Porn

We arrived at Crested Butte at the wrong time. Crested Butte is a real big mountain rider’s paradise. The north face is a huge area with amazing cliffs, chutes, and steeps. Unfortunately, it had been a few weeks since they’d had a good dump of snow, which is pretty necessary to enjoy that kind of terrain.

The saving grace of the trip was the opening of the High Lift T-Bar, which accessed previously closed terrain. So, although there was no fresh snow, there were some fresh tracks, and the local pros lit it up. This is what it looked like.

crested butte skier snowboarder 01

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Heavenly Eye Candy

My buddy Bryon and I spent two bluebird days exploring Heavenly, which isn’t nearly enough time to actually get to know all 4800 acres of the massive mountain. Fortunately, I had a very spry guide named Mike Frye. Mike’s a former ski racer, coach, and extremely fit and fast biped who slows down for no man.

So, I despite time constrictions, and thanks to Mike, my snowboard did make contact with a very large portion of that mountain.

This is what it looked like.

Special thanks to Bryon of Exploring Elements for contributing some of his photos to this post. If these pics aren’t enough for you, then you should check out his photos from Heavenly.

Heavenly skier snowboarder

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Sierra-at-Tahoe Snowboarding Porn

When we asked people at Sierra-at-Tahoe what they loved most about the hill, they mentioned a few things. Many people mentioned the amazing terrain park system, which includes five terrain parks that gradually increase in difficulty from a kiddie park with features that rise just a few inches above the snow, to the big feature park with jumps up to 40 or 50 feet. Several people mentioned the beautiful job the hill does of maintaining their groomed runs, and lots also loved the Huckleberry sidecountry gates.

We got a few pictures of each during our trip.

Special thanks to Bryon of Exploring Elements for contributing some of his photos to this photoessay.

sierra at tahoe skier snowboarder 1

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Sugar Bowl Powder Porn

Sugar Bowl is one of the lesser-known resorts in the North Lake Tahoe area. I’m very happy about that, because it means that whenever I visit, the lines will be  short, and the fresh tracks will be long.

Sugar Bowl is only 1500 acres, but it feels much bigger — especially the area between the Disney Chair and the Mt. Lincoln Express, where there are cliffs, steeps, a gorgeous frozen waterfall, and chutes that rival extreme legends like Squaw Valley’s Pallisades and Jackson Hole’s Corbet’s Couloir.

The locals told us that they liked Sugar Bowl because of it’s homey atmosphere, short lift lines, and friendly staff. I liked it because Brian (of Exploring Elements) and I did basically one awesome powder run all day long on the first day and never crossed a track that wasn’t ours.

Here are some of the photos we took. Thanks to Brian for providing the photos of me (the snowboarder in the blue jacket and green pants). He also published his photos of Sugar Bowl.

sugar bowl ski resort 1

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A Massive Powder Day at Wolf Creek

We visited Wolf Creek Ski Resort on the Sunday the 11th and Monday 12th of February. From the 9th to the 11th Wolf Creek was slammed by a massive storm. The resort received 48″ of fresh snow, which they added to the 200″ they’d already received, giving them more snow than any other resort in Colorado by leaps and bounds.

I went out both days with Wolf Creek ski instructor Steven Baird both days to take some photos. Here’s what we came up with.

Wolf Creek Powder Skier Snowboarder 01

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Squaw Valley Powder Porn

I’ve wanted to visit Squaw Valley — the birthplace of extreme skiing and backdrop for many of the ski movies I watched as a child — since I was young. I was thrilled when we arrived there in early January.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t had much snow since Christmas, and the crowds of holidaymakers that visit the hill and left little behind. So, the first two days were less than ideal for sampling extreme terrain that the locals rave about.

On the night of the second day, however, it snowed nearly a foot. So, on the third day we did a bit of hiking and put in some of the best turns of the season.

All’s well that ends well, especially when you walk away with photos like these!

**Special thanks to Bryon of Exploring Elements for the photos of me (the snowboarder in the blue jacket). You can find all of Bryon’s photos here.

squaw valley skier snowboarder (12)

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Grand Targhee Powder Porn

After our time at Jackson Hole, Emilie and I headed to Grand Targhee.

Grand Targhee has amazing snow. The hill receives more than 500 inches of dry, light, Teton snow every year. If you don’t believe me, just ask a local.

I met up with a few local pros: snowboarder Amber Nelson and free skiers (and brothers) Gary and Max Mackenzie. They were awesome. They showed me the hill, took me hiking to some awesome hard-to-reach spots, and did some amazing riding for me to shoot. They even shot a few photos of me riding.

It was an epic two days. Good snow and great people. This is one hill I’ll be returning to soon.

Grand Targhee Ski Photo 01

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