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5 Most Crazy Things You Can Only Do In New Zealand

New Zealand is certainly the land of uniqueness. 

And, when this fantasy land became the backdrop to the famous adventure film series ‘Lord of the Rings’, it caught people’s attention. 

Located in the South Pacific region, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to this destination from all over the world every year. Thanks to the plethora of activities and adventures to experience in this beautiful land! 

But, if you want to make your holiday truly memorable, DO NOT miss out on these 5 insanely crazy things that you can do ONLY in New Zealand. 

Jump off the world’s highest cliff

Heard of the Shotover Canyon Swing? 

It is the world’s biggest cliff! 

And, when in New Zealand, all adventure freaks come close to the opportunity to jump off it and satiate their adrenaline rush. 

Located over the famous Shotover river outside of Queenstown, it is a 109 meters high uniquely designed system. That is obviously not all! 

Swing out 200 meters into the canyon but, before that, expect a 60 meters vertical freefall. You can try out different jump styles as you like and can even go out with a friend too! 

Black water rafting

Tubing under glow worms or black water rafting as it is referred to is one of the most amazing experiences you might ever get involved with. 

It usually tops the visitors’ to-do list as the tubes in New Zealand take the fun to a completely new level! 

What to expect?

Well, you are taken deep underground through a cave network where you get to jump from small waterfalls into streams. Here, you tube your way passing those shimmering little glowworms. 

If we talk about the areas where you can indulge in this adventure, it is Waitomo, North Island, and in the Paparoa National Park, South Island. 

Become a real-life Hobbit

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Lord of the Rings or not, this should definitely be on your checklist when visiting New Zealand.

Check out the holes that housed Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee and more. Get clicked and flaunt those pictures over your social media. 

In addition to the exclusive sight, you can treat yourself to some beer at the Green Dragon tavern. Just like the hobbits did! The best place ever to drink beer, ain’t it? 

Go fishing on a jet boat

Sounds unfamiliar? Well, initially it did to us too.

But, where else on Earth could you catch fish while on a jet boat if not in New Zealand? 

Ah, apologies for the exaggeration. We just got carried away!

But, the fact of the matter is you get a chance to address your adrenaline level by setting off on a jet boat in the Waiau River, South Island. The boat will stop after getting you your shot and you get a chance to capture the trout! 

Then you jet back to your base. Doesn’t it sound exciting? 

Visit the geothermal mud pools in Rotorua

Are you looking for soul-satisfying geothermal attraction? Fear not, because Rotorua has got you covered. 

It is actually a breeding ground of geothermal attractions! 

That being said, there are numerous bubbling mud pools that can be seen sprouting from the lush green parks around the central North Island town. 

Hell’s Gate Geothermal Park and Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland are the best mud baths to get drenched in the therapeutic mud and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. 

Final Word

Now that you are aware of the five most fun things to experience in New Zealand, start your packing already! 

Make sure to carry appropriate clothing and gear. If you’re looking for quality tactical gear, Shellback tactical is the name to trust. 

Wish you an enjoyable time in New Zealand!

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  1. Pragnesh Vaishnav February 7, 2020 at 6:52 am #

    That was so exciting to hear about such craziest things which can be enjoyed in Newzealand. Jumping from cliff, kind of activities require high level of safety precautions. Also, such equipment should have been passed through global safety standards. I would definitely try such cliff jumping activitiy whenever i will get a chance. Thanks.

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