Some Recent (And Some Free) Photos

These are a few of my recent photos from Instagram. Not all of them are brand new. I like to throw some of my old favorites in the mix to when they reflect how I’m feeling.

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You won’t find a better and easier mother-in-law gift. Really, it takes like four minutes, and she’ll love you forever.

This deal only comes with one disclaimer.  You can share the photos on your social media, or your blog, or hang it in your pediatrics office. But you can’t sell them. If you’re are looking for photos for a magazine, prints to sell in a shop, a shot for a postcard, or a picture for an ad, then you’re trying to make money with my photo, and I’d like a cut.

My rates are reasonable. You can reach me here.

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And, in the meantime you’ll get a free e-book of my favorite photoessays. It’s a bit old, but it has some classics, like my first trip to Burning Man and the time I got stuck in the middle of the Vancouver riots.

I hope you like ’em!