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You can use the form below to submit your story and author’s bio, and upload accompanying photos. Please use this form rather than sending all of the materials to me, because it takes me a lot longer to put up a post that way.

Before submitting, please double-check that everything is in order.

1) Every story on my site includes at least one photo. Please upload at least one photo with credit to the photographer with your submission. Photos should be landscape-oriented (horizontal) and 580px wide.

2) Alternatively, if you’re submitting photoessay photos must be submitted at 900px wide.

3) Please check your spelling and grammar. I read through your post to try and catch anything you missed, but if your story is very time-consuming to edit there is a good chance that I’ll send it back to you for fixing, or that I won’t publish it.

4) Last, I would like to implement Google Authorship on your post. This is beneficial for both of us (if you don’t know what this is, you can find out here. To do that, please make sure that you submit a bio that includes a link to your Google Plus personal account. Also, please make sure that you add to your “Contributor To” list on your Google+ about page. That is how Google can verify that you wrote the post and put your handsome little photo next to the title when the post shows up in search results.

That’s it. Thanks again!

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