The Big List of Discount Ski and Snowboard Gear Shops Online

big list of discount ski gear and snowboard gear shops online

Last updated October 3, 2016
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Pretty much everyone could use some discount ski gear or snowboarding gear. Skiing and snowboarding are getting more expensive every year. Every new ski season means new lift tickets and passes, gear upgrades, outrageously priced beers, and expensive resort meals. Some of these things are almost impossible to avoid, so those of us on a budget need to save money wherever we can.

I work online, I love to snowboard, and I’m a huge cheapskate. The result is that I spend a ton of time looking for cheap snowboards online instead of working.

My article on websites for cheap travel and outdoors gear is the most popular article on my site. But, since there are a lot of ski- and snowboard-specific shops online, that article isn’t really the best for finding the best deals on cheap twin tip skis or discount snowboard helmets. So, I decided to put together this complete list of discount ski gear and snowboard gear stores online to help you find the best price for your new googles.

These websites are all very similar with some small differences. Mostly, they buy unsold inventory in bulk, which allows them to sell brand-new unused gear very cheaply, which is great for those of us who don’t care about having the very latest model.

They differ a little bit in what they sell and how they sell. So, for this guide, I’ve divided them into four types: big stores with cheap ski and snowboard gear, ski- and snowboard-specific discount online stores, flash sale gear stores (which offer ridiculous deals for a very limited time), and membership-only discount ski and snowboard gear stores (which require you to sign  up for a free membership to shop).

Bonus: Two Awesome Discount Lift Ticket Websites

These two websites sell discount lift tickets for many of the ski areas in North America, both big and small. The only catch is you have to buy at least a day or two in advance.

Liftopia – One of the best places on the web to buy discount ski tickets in advance to lock in crazy deals at hundreds of ski resorts around the world. – A place to reserve your discount ski lift tickets online and save up to 70-percent at select resorts across the U.S. and Canada.

Big Outdoors Stores With Discount Ski Gear And Snowboard Gear

Most avid skiers and snowboarders have heard of, or shopped on, It’s probably the best-known online retailer of discount sports equipment. It’s a one-stop shop for every piece of winter gear you could ever need, from snowboard stomp pads and socks to boots, skis, and everything in between.

Pros: One of the biggest gear selections online and tons of discount ski and snowboard apparel.

Cons: The discounts tend not to be as deep on as on some other sites.

Best Deals: The Sale Page is a gateway to the best deals on all kinds of gear and clothing up to 75% off.



Evo loves skiers and snowboarders, and their preseason sale is exactly what you need to get outfitted for another season on the cheap. You can find discounts in their traditional online “Shop” and in the “Outlet,” so browse both before checking out.

Pros: Evo is loaded with the industry’s top brands.

Cons: Evo’s wide range of clothing and sports gear makes it slightly more difficult to locate exactly what you need.

Best Deals: The Evo Sale Page is loaded with discounts ranging from 30-40% off of the biggest name brands.


Sierra Trading Post

Founded in Reno, N.V., as a catalog company, Sierra Trading Post has become a go-to site for budget-minded adventure seekers. Recent changes to the site have added a wider range of goods, but shoppers can still find a good selection of cheap skis, snowboards, and apparel.

Pros: Sierra Trading Post is a one-stop shop for all winter gear.

Cons: The wide range of goods, from home accessories and clothing to pet supplies, has taken a lot of the focus off of skiing and snowboarding.

Best Deals: The Sierra Trading Post Clearance Area offers deals of up to 90% off on clothing and gear — some of the biggest discounts on the web.


LeftLane Sports

LeftLane Sports is a discount shop for athletes of all kinds, but skiers and snowboarders can find deep discounts on apparel, skis, snowboards, and winter gear of all kinds. It’s also a place to stock up on cross-training apparel and gear for the off-season.

LeftLane Sports’ lowest price guarantee makes it easier to shop with confidence.

Need to sign up and sign in to shop.

Best Deals: Get up to 70% off your winter gear at LeftLane Sports’ Gear Shed.


The House is overwhelming at first glance but resist the clickbait, and you’ll find all of your winter gear on the cheap. Winter sports gear is divided into categories, like Past Seasons Outerwear, Helmets, Ski Boots, 2016/2017 Outerwear, Board Packages, and more, so you can shop by category or head straight to the Outlet shop.

Pros: Dirt cheap prices on brand-new gear from past seasons.

Cons: Popups and a crowded homepage make the site appear crowded and difficult to shop.

Best Deals: The House’s Outlet store is loaded with ski and snowboard gear from previous seasons that’s up to 70% off.


Summit Sports

Summit Sports boasts the guaranteed lowest prices on the web for sports gear for all seasons. Find cheap skis, snowboards, winter clothing and all of the gear needed for the ultimate snowboard trip (backpacks, board bags, and more).

Pros: The site is easy to navigate and shipping is free on orders over $49.

Cons: The winter sports sale area isn’t as loaded with gear as other sites.

Best Deals: Save up to 75% on the Summit Sports Sale Page


Moosejaw Outlet

The Moosejaw Outlet is a Michigan-based online outlet store that offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more and 30- to 80-percent discounts on all gear. The site features all types of outdoor gear, from watersports to winter sports, and is loaded with all of the major ski and snowboard brands.

Pros: The site is easy to navigate.

Cons: Moosejaw isn’t entirely focused on ski and snow gear, so ski and board selections are limited.

Best Deals: Save 30-80% on gear at the Moosejaw Sale Page.



REI is more than a website, it’s a brick-and-mortar store too. The Garage is REI’s newest way to find crazy deals, and it feels a lot like the site’s old Outlet section. Find outlet-style prices on everything from gloves and long underwear to Patagonia jackets and brand-new snowboards. It’s a lot easier than locating the sale section at one of the company’s retail stores.

Pros: REI is a trusted outdoors company with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Cons: Most of the discounts are not quite as deep as in some of the other shops listed, and gear in the ultra-cheap Garage area is limited.

Best Deals: Save 50% or more at the REI Garage .


Dick’s Sporting Goods

One of few major ski and snowboard retailers with a huge number of retail stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods is so big, they can offer prices many competitors can’t beat. However, the store’s broad focus on all sporting goods means that you can find great deals on stuff like socks and base layers and outerwear, but will find that cheap ski and snowboard gear is limited.

Pros: Dick’s offers prices smaller competitors can’t beat.

Cons: Dick’s Sporting Goods’ isn’t a ski and snowboard gear store — it’s so the selection is limited.

Best Deals: Save big at the Dick’s Clearance Page, then save even more on items marked at an additional 10-40% off.


Amazon isn’t just useful for having 64 rolls of toilet paper delivered to your door. Browse by category or search the site for any ski or snowboard products you’re seeking to compare prices with the other shops.

Pros: Compare prices from other sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Cons: You probably won’t find your favorite niche ski and snowboard brands.


Ski- and Snowboard-Specific Discount Gear Stores


What started as one of the first year-round board shops in the biz (in 1982) is now one of the best places on the web to find insane deals on snowboard gear in all seasons. Proboardshop shop has expanded to include ski, bike, wake, skate, camping, and watersports gear, but the sales on winter gear are what keep the ski and snowboard junkies coming back.

Pros: Proboardshop offers all of the top action sports brands and underground brands too.

Cons: Free shipping on items over $50 excludes some large products.

Best Deals: Shop the Proboardshop Outlet for 35-75% off goods.



It can be difficult to shop local when you’re shopping online, but Salt Lake City-based Level Nine Sports lets you feel good about shopping from your couch. The site (and two retail stores) focus on selling the best ski, snowboard, and bike gear with the best customer service and lowest prices.

Pros:  The last-chance deals offer lower prices than most other ski and snowboard sites.

Cons:  The latest and greatest gear isn’t discounted as deeply as other sites.

Best Deals:  Stop by the L9 Secret Stash for last minute deals of up to 80% off.



The latest skate, snow, and extreme sports fashion is what Zumiez is all about. This boarding lifestyle website (sorry skiers, no ski stuff here) will keep you styling on the slopes for an affordable price. Package your new board, boots, and bindings together for a better deal or shop separately in the Sale section for up to 90 percent off past season gear, buy-one-get-one-50-percent-off deals, and more.

Pros:  Buy-one-get-one-50-percent-off deals and other specials are common.

Cons:  Skis gear (boots, bindings, and skis) can’t be found here.

Best Deals:  Shop the Zumiez Clearance and Sale Page for up to 90% off gear from last season.

Don’t let the name fool you. is not only a ski store. It also has tons of deals on snowboards. Free shipping and free binding mounting on package deals are major perks of shopping for ski and snowboard deals on Home to the largest selections of ski packages on the web, focuses on offering killer deals on discount ski packages, but you’ll find plenty of other cheap ski gear and apparel too.

Pros:  Ski and snowboard packages make it easy to buy all your gear affordably and in one place.

Cons: Don’t expect to check back in the summer for surf, skate and other off-season gear.

Best Deals: The Special Offers Page features up to 75% off select gear and clothing.

As part of the Summit Family of Sites, looks remarkably similar to, but the focus on snowboarding makes it easier to find the gear you need.

Pros: The snowboarding focus makes finding snowboard brands, gear and clothing easy.

Cons: Skiers may want to stick to for an easier shopping experience.

Best Deals: The Special Offers Page also offers up to 75% off gear and clothing.



Tactics is an online shop that focuses on skate, snowboard, and surf gear and clothing. Extreme sports junkies can find everything from skate shoes to complete snowboard packages, but not skis. However, the huge selections of clothing, outerwear, and winter gear will appeal to skiers too.

Pros: A limited focus on skate, snowboard and surf gear means more specialty and underground brands.

Cons: Skis and ski-specific gear can’t be found here.

Best Deals: The Tactics Sale Page offers a variety of gear and clothing for 30-40% off.



Tightboards is a gear, clothing, and footwear site dedicated to action sports. The site is known for offering crazy deals on Burton snowboard packages (including boots and bindings) and discounts on gear from other popular brands like Lib Tech, Ride, Gnu, and more.

Pros: Tightboards focuses on selling the brands skiers and snowboarders want.

Cons: The site is dedicated to action sports, so skiers may be disappointed by the lack of traditional ski gear.

Best Deals: Save up to 40% at the Tightboards Outlet Page


Flash Sale Ski and Snowboard Gear Stores

Steep And Cheap

Backcountry’s sister site Steep and Cheap keeps skiers, snowboarders, and other adventurers coming back for flash sales or “Current Steals.” Scroll past the Current Steal, and you’ll find a long list of “Collections,” where you can snag deep discounts without having to be on your toes.

Pros: The discounts are deeper than most other sites on the web.

Cons: Deals are on time limits, leaving shoppers little time to make up their minds.


Whiskey Militia

Another one of Backcountry’s sister sites, Whiskey Militia offers one deal at a time while the clock ticks away. But if you’re not into flash sales, click on the “Private Stash,” to shop items offered for short periods of time and in limited quantities. Just pull the trigger and wait for your package in the mail.

Pros: Discounts are drastically lower than most traditional gear sites.

Cons: Shoppers have to be quick to decide and ready to buy.

Best Deals: Shop the Whiskey Militia Private Stash for more than 50% off most items.


Membership-Only Ski And Snowboard Gear Stores

The Clymb

The Clymb uses flash sales to keep shoppers on their toes and regular promotions for those who can’t make up their minds that quickly. Find the latest deals on clothing, gear, and adventure travel escapes on the homepage, but pay careful attention to the expiration date, because each deal only lasts a handful of days.

Pros: Deep discounts on a wide variety of goods, including ski and snowboard getaways.

Cons: Must be a member to shop.

Best Deals: The entire site is based on deals, which can reach up to 70% off retail pricing.


Planet Gear

Planet Gear is one of few online action sports shops dedicated to women. The membership-only site offers everything from socks and shoes to boards and bindings, and the focus on women makes finding gear easier — unless you’re a guy.

Pros: Easy, no-boys-allowed shopping for adventurous women.

Cons: Limited gear means you need to be flexible to save big.

Best Deals: Deals of up to 70% off retail pricing can be found throughout the shop.


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  1. Great tips! Can’t wait to hit the slopes this year. One thing I’d add is Ebay, especially for kids. You can find barely worn ski gear there for a steal. When they grow out of it in 2 minutes, resell it or hand it down with no guilt because it was so cheap in the first place.


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