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Most people rarely travel, and even fewer people spend long periods of time abroad. In today’s economy saving money and finding time are getting hard and harder all the time. Some people, however, do find ways to travel for long periods of time on very little money. I’m one of those people. Some people refer to us as travel hackers, but I don’t really like that label. It make us sound shady and like we have some special, difficult-to-learn skill.

Neither is true. We’re just motivated people who found creative ways to make the time and money necessary for travel. We find creative ways obtain the goods and services necessary for travel on a small budget. We leverage special deals that are meant to entice people into bad buying habits (such as exorbitant credit card air miles offers), and exploit them. We use the Internet to find us the sales where companies are selling items for less than cost and then we stock up.

The posts listed on this page explain everything that I know about saving money to travel, finding deals on trips and gear, and getting free trips. This is probably the single most useful page on my website. I’ll be adding to it regularly, so be sure to check back for updates.

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