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Do you ever wonder about bloggers?

How do they make money?

How can I work with them to achieve my marketing goals?

How can I be sure the blogger I want to work with is a good one?

I will show you.

There is an enormous communication gap between industry and bloggers and that gap is the biggest barrier to both groups’ success that exists.

This newsletter will help us to bridge that gap.

An Insider View Into The Travel Blogging Industry

You probably know me as a freelance writer and photographer who runs a well-known adventure travel blog. Writing and blogging, however, is only a small part of what I do.

I also:

  • Build and manage blogs for companies and destinations
  • Sit on the board of the Professional Travel Blogger’s Association
  • Work with four groups that organize blog campaigns for companies and destination marketing organizations: Navigate Media, Back to Ski, EcoAdventure Media, and Digital Innovation Asia

I’m a busy guy.

That’s why I started this email list; to help me reduce the amount of time that I spend talking one-on-one with industry people like yourself about recent developments in the travel blogging world and to more efficiently bridge the blogger-industry communication gap.

What The Newsletter Includes

I’m not here to spam you. We all get an inordinate number of emails every day. I delete most of them like I’m sure you probably do.

I have no desire to waste my time writing emails that will get deleted. I hope to provide you with information so useful that you will want to open every single newsletter.

I will only send this newsletter out occasionally, maybe once every 2 – 3 months.

It will contain news about current events in the travel blogging industry and information about working effectively with bloggers, such as white papers and case studies.

Here are a few examples of current events that I would include:

  • The Professional Travel Bloggers Association is now planning its first conference in Sri Lanka, which will be attended by hundreds of vetted travel bloggers and industry members. The amount of media that is expected to be produced is enormous, and right new they’re also scouting for a destination to host their North American conference.
  • Bloghouse — an extremely popular 4-day blogging workshop run by Navigate Media — just wrapped up the latest event in Chicago and and the social media and blog post traffic numbers coming in are the best yet. I will send out the case study when it’s ready.
  • EcoAdventure Media is also working on compiling the metrics from their #EcoCostaRica campaign, which at the moment looks to be one of the most successful organized travel blogging campaigns in recent memory.
  • Back to Ski is currently looking for ski areas, events, and destinations that would like featured in its third annual campaign, which will take  place in September.


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