Ziplining with Huana Coa Adventures in Mazatlan, Mexico

In June 2012 I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Mazatlan Mexico with Go Mazatlan. I was super excited to find out that ziplining would be on our itinerary. I’d never tried it before. I decided to take a chance and bring along my Nikon D90. The risk was worth it. I got some great photos. If you’d like to read more about my experience, check out the post I wrote about it on my blog.

When ziplining safety is of the utmost importance. Helmets and harnesses are mandatory.
You’re attached to two lines by two double pulleys so that there’s always a fail safe if one piece of gear malfunctions.
We were driven to the top of a tall steep hill in this beast of a truck.
Our guides gave us a quick lesson about safety and how to control our speed on while ziplining.
And then we were off.
The tricky part is controlling your speed when you arrive at the platform at the end of the line. Our guides were there to lend a hand with our landings.
Everyone had a great time.
The tour took us on nine ziplines totally 1.5 kilometers in length.
Since it was summer, the foliage was mostly very dry and brown.
At the end of the trip came one of the best parts, rappelling from the last platform.
We then walked back to the company office through fields of agave. We had a great time, but weren’t too disappointed to be moving on. Next, we were to take a tour of a nearby tequila distillery.





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  1. NINE lines? That’s a long one! I can’t believe you did it after a few shots lol… I’ve been twice, both super-early in the morning. It’s fun, right?


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