Content Marketing Is Simple


Everyone knows they need a content marketing strategy, but few know how to create one.

Brands have been paying publications and television channels for advertising space to communicate their brand message for years. In recent years technology flipped that model on its head and provided you with the tools to become your own publisher for a small investment. You now have unprecedented ability to communicate your messages more cheaply, easily, and in ways that are more trackable, than ever before in history.

Best of all it’s simple.

What Content Marketing Is

Methods for developing successful content marketing strategies have become more and more clear to those following the industry in recent years. Content marketing is not as mysterious as it used to be.

Content marketing is simply a way to leverage new media technology to achieve the same marketing goals that you’ve always pursued. Once you look at it as leveraging new forms of media to achieve traditional marketing goals, strategy development becomes simple and logical, following many of the traditional marketing practices that have been proven over decades of use.

Your blog is simply custom publication for your business — something businesses have been doing for centuries.

Social media is where your business creates a personality that appeals to your target market — similar to traditional PR.

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My Methodology

Step #1: Define your target(s)

You must find out who your existing customers are and choose the potential customers you want to reach.

Step #2: Research the content your target loves

Look at the content that your target audience are already consuming.
Study the magazines, websites, and social profiles that reach your audience and are aligned with your brand’s values. Decide which of that content will best accompany your brand message.

Step #3: Identify the Most Appropriate Platforms

The Internet is full of free publishing and social platforms. Each has its own benefits, drawbacks, and is popular with certain types of people. You need to choose the platforms where your target demographic is most active and develop a content distribution strategies customized specifically for each platform to maximize the impact of your campaign.

Step #4: Promote and Track

Until you’ve developed a following, you’ll need to pay to put your content in front of readers. Choose the content you think will work best, pay to promote it, and track the results.

Step #5: Review and Refine

Analyze the results to determine which content resonated most with your audience. Then replicate and improve upon it.

Step #6: Experiment

It’s well known among publishers that the content that performs best is often unpredictable. Try out new ideas constantly and track the results. The longer you do this, the better you’ll come to understand your audience.
Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 ad infinitum to continue refining and improving your strategy.

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The Payoff

Content Marketing increases sales in two ways:

  1. Strengthening relationships with existing customers, and
  2. Introducing new customers to the brand and creating relationships with them.

In the long term, increases in sales will be your primary indicator of content marketing success.

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How To Get Started

To avoid common mistakes, make choices efficiently, and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, the first step is finding an experienced and knowledgable content marketing specialist.

Why You Should Work With Me

  • I’m an experienced professional travel writer and photographer who has been published in industry-leading publications like AFAR and En Voyage.
  • I’ve been blogging for 8 years and write regularly for, The Huffington Post, and Travel + Escape.
  • I’ve worked as a social media ambassador for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), Toronto Snow Show, and Ogilvy.
  • I regularly attend new media and content marketing conferences to discuss trends and strategies with some of the best-known names in the industry.
  • I’m very well connected in the travel blogging community with working relationships with over 100 bloggers and the ability to to reach over 2000 bloggers on any given day.
  • My last client saw a 10-fold growth in traffic to their blog in just 7 months.


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