Surf Skin Care For Salty Old Sea Dogs

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Anyone who has lived by the sea for any amount of time knows that saltwater destroys everything. That includes your skin, especially when you spend most of your spare time in the water under the tropical sun on a surfboard. 

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Ahmedabad: India’s Historic Urban Heritage City

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ahmedabad, India’s first Unesco Urban World Heritage Site, may not appear impressive on first glance. However, show some patience, and the city will compel you to look at it with a completely different perspective. Once you have made your peace with the unwieldy traffic jams and cacophony of honking, Ahmedabad will reward your efforts with historic wonder, regional charm, and culinary delights.

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Transferring Cash Across Borders?

Even in 2019, there are people out there who like to keep their reserves in cash. This is perhaps why a cashless society isn’t on the horizon, there is too much scepticism around not having the option of anonymous, local money that isn’t held by a centralised or powerful system.

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As a Traveler You Need to Know About African Swine Fever

Travel is an almost exclusively joyful activity. From the dreaming and trolling of social media for inspiration, to the planning, anticipation, and ultimately the actual trip. 

Part of being a good traveler, besides knowing about local customs and respecting the cultures we visit, is making sure we don’t unintentionally cause harm. This is why you need to know about African Swine Fever (ASF).

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The Coolest Places to Surf in South Africa

Photo credit: AlanDavidRobb via Pixabay

For surfers, South Africa is the holy grail. Thousands of uncrowded bays and point breaks receive Atlantic and Indian Ocean swells in all seasons. It’s home to the iconic Supertubes point break, which holds a spot on the World Surf League (WSL) championship tour and is ranked among the top three waves in the world. However, Supertubes isn’t the only world-class wave in South Africa — the country is teeming with them.

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10 Excellent Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is a city of culinary diversity and excellence. With so much variety in style and quality, it’s no easy task to choose the best Singapore restaurant for your evening Different restaurants serve different cuisines. Many specialize in exclusive Asian cuisines while others offer a western, modern, and fusion. Quality of service is also key to choosing the best restaurants in Singapore for your enjoyment.

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Luxury Cruises Are More Affordable Than You Think

This post was created in partnership with Celebrity Cruises and all photos are courtesy of Celebrity Cruises, but all opinions are my own.

Although most of my writing focusses on adventure travel, like most people, I occasionally dream about taking an indulgent luxurious cruise vacation. And, like most people, I find the dream quite pleasant, right up to the moment it’s ejected from my mind by an invasion of realities like work, bills, and my bank balance.

I recently learned, however, that I’ve been overestimating the cost of taking a luxury cruise. I think most people do.

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