A Sad Canada Day

For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to be Canadian.

We Canadians are overwhelmingly proud of our country. Why shouldn’t we be?  For all of its shortcomings Canada has often (although not always)  shown itself to be a fair country, especially when dealing with civil disturbances and inner conflicts.

The police reaction to the recent G20 protests in Toronto, however, was shameful.  They used excessive force dealing with protesters that were overwhelmingly peaceful and arrested hundreds of protesters that showed no aggression whatsoever.  Consider the following videos.

In this video, the police attack a group of protestors without provocation (except for singing our national anthem).

And in this video the police surround and close in on a large group of protesters, also all exercising their rights to non-violent protest. The don’t allow anyone to leave and then arrest them.

It is a sad day for Canada.  Tonight I will go out to a Canada Day party and, like most Canadians, drink a ridiculous amount of beer.  This time though, I will not drink to celebrate.  I will drink to forget.

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8 thoughts on “A Sad Canada Day”

  1. Here is a vid in Victoria of RCMP brutality
    The RCMP do little in my hometown to stop crime, once my friend was arrested for catching a thief who stole someones wallet, the RCMP also witnessed my brother get pushed through a glass window and did nothing to sto the guy

    • Well, ya got me there Steve. You caught me committing hyperbole. I read that when it was first published (I receive his articles by email), and I was damned ashamed.

      Seems like everybody is reading Mr. Monbiot these days. Quite the journalist, I must say. And a hell of a good writer.

  2. I know this must be a sad video to watch…but honestly if you lived in India for a year you’d laugh this off. The Indian police are great at doing two things: taking extreme and totally unnecessary action, or standing by and eating peanuts in the face of atrocity..at least a developed nation like Canada has only to look forward to this type of thing once in a blue moon!


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