Bad News About My Vouchers

In the last couple of days I have received emails from readers telling me that they are unable to use their vouchers. The general consensus seems to be that the vouchers have expired (although I haven’t received confirmation of that).

I want to apologize to anyone that feels that they were mislead about the vouchers. The representative from who gave me the vouchers did not tell me that they had an expiry date.

I sent an email to the representative from In the email I asked him if it is possible to reactivate the vouchers, and said that this kind of nasty surprise is likely to deter future users from his website rather than attract them. I haven’t heard back.

So, I would suggest that everyone who has a voucher contact and complain and, hopefully we can have the vouchers reactivated.

You can contact them here:

I would like to apologize again for this. I will try to be more careful in the future with the goods that I accept from sponsors.

~ Matt

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1 thought on “Bad News About My Vouchers”

  1. Dear Matt,

    We at Wimdu would like to apologise to yourself and those who were affected by the use of the aforementioned vouchers in June.

    There were technical issues which were overlooked and given the amount of traffic and growth of our company, we were not able to give the customer service and information appropriate to the situation at hand.

    We would like to take the opportunity now to formally apologize, for the miscommunication and technical problems with the vouchers. The problems with the previous voucher campaign have now been amended, however if you still have concerns or would like further information regarding any Wimdu services, please do not hesitate to contact myself or another staff member here at customer services.

    As a young company, we have taken the whole experience as a learning curve and appreciate the feedback we received from the community. We have taken complaints and suggestions very seriously and implemented them into our policies to strive for continuous improvements in the quality of our services for both hosts and guests. We are constantly working towards improving usability and communication for our users.

    Once again, thank you for your feedback.

    Kind regards,
    The Wimdu Team


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