Safari Guide for Kenya


Kenya is a gateway to East Africa in all its beauty. Kenya is a country with many things to offer- a country that will definitely enrich you with the number of experiences it offers. The country has a unique geography- with the Indian Ocean on one side, dramatic plateaus and rift valleys that have made Kenya the ideal place for numerous species of animals and birds.

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Travel Bloggers Reveal Canada’s Best Winter Adventures

Canada is famous for having a long winter and Canadians have shown extreme creativity in devising activities to help them pass the long, dark winter months. We’ve come up with some interesting ideas, some of which are of slightly insane (like ice swimming) and have questionable entertainment value (I’m looking at you curling).

Despite this creativity, like all people we Canadians tend get into ruts stick to activities we’re comfortable doing. Sometimes we get so stuck in our ways it’s hard for us to think of new things to try when we are looking for something different.

So, to remind us of all the rad things out there to do right now, I asked a 12 travel bloggers what to tell me about their favorite adventures in the Great White North.

Here’s what they told me.

Get Topless at the Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival Snow Bath

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Get Your Family Through Airport Security Quickly This Holiday Season

This winter get your family through airport security quickly

Travelling with the family can be challenging, especially when you get to airport security. Following these tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) will not only help bring the stress level down, but also get you through the checkpoint faster and easier.

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I found some pretty awesome things to do in Bang Rak

Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand

Bang Rak is a neighbourhood in Bangkok that’s just south of the city’s main business and tourist areas beside the Chao Phraya River. (You can find some great articles on Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River at Momentum Travel).The neighborhood’s proximity to the city centre and river view has attracted many of Bangkok’s upscale hotels.

The area is also well-known as home to Bangkok’s centuries-old Chinatown.

What is less well-known is that the area is also home to a walking street lined with shops, food stalls, and auto parts recyclers who stack their parts in giant piles along the alleyway, as well as some of Bangkok’s most historic temples, and street art created by some of the best artists in the world.

Here’s what I found during my 48-hours in Bang Rak.

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The Big List of Discount Ski and Snowboard Gear Shops Online

big list of discount ski gear and snowboard gear shops online

Last updated October 3, 2016
**This post includes affiliate links, which means I am paid a small commission of any sales resulting from their use. For more information see my disclosure policies page.

Pretty much everyone could use some discount ski gear or snowboarding gear. Skiing and snowboarding are getting more expensive every year. Every new ski season means new lift tickets and passes, gear upgrades, outrageously priced beers, and expensive resort meals. Some of these things are almost impossible to avoid, so those of us on a budget need to save money wherever we can.

I work online, I love to snowboard, and I’m a huge cheapskate. The result is that I spend a ton of time looking for cheap snowboards online instead of working.

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5 Cyclists Explain Why They Love Biking In Taiwan


This blog post was brought to you by the Taiwan Tourism Board, but the opinions in this are those of myself and the riders I interviewed.

I lived in Taiwan for 8 years. It’s beautiful, small, oval-shaped island that is 394 km from the North to South and 144 km across. The East Coast has a wide flat plain where most of the population lives. Nearly all of the rest of the country is tall, steep, jungle-covered mountains that are filled with winding gorges that have been carved out by rivers. Along much of the scenic and sparsely populated East Coast the mountains plunge into the Pacific Ocean.

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