A Fox and Boar Break Kangaroos Out of a German Zoo

Then a “very fit policewoman” tackled them, reported Spiegel online today.

The the plan for what has since been dubbed “the great marsupial escape” was executed in three steps. A hairy wild pig known as ‘the boar’ is said to have first breached the  Rheinböllen Wildlife Park’s outer fence. The exact time of the security breach is unknown.

The second part of the plan was executed by a small spritely dog-like mammal known on the street as ‘the fox’. The Fox entered the zoo through the hole in the outer fence and proceeded to tunnel under an enclosure and into the kangaroos’ cell…ahem, I mean pen.

The kangaroos, Jack, Mick, and Skippy, then made a break for it. They managed to hop fifteen kilometres before being spotted by a civilian who alerted the authorities.

Jack, Mick, and Skippy, tried to jump for it, but they hadn’t counted on the physical prowess of the heroic policewoman who rushed them like she was Reggie White.

Disclaimer: The lead photo for this post is not one of the actual kangaroos discussed. It’s just an artsy photo by Mugley.

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