How Red Bull Made Snowboarding History: The Supernatural Snowboard Competition

On February 4th a ten-minute helicopter ride north of Nelson BC (just a couple of hundred kilometres from my hometown, incidentally) Red Bull made a course for a competition dubbed ‘Supernatural’ that will change the face of competitive snowboarding (and hopefully the way slopes are designed).

Rather than have contestants compete in the half pipe or park, or race down an icy slope Red Bull engineered a course that was meant to show off all-round riding skills.

To that end they built a wide variety of ramps, gaps, and obstacles across the steep, powder-covered, tree-riddled face creating a dream terrain combining steeps and trees with massive hits and deep powder landings. The course was wide allowing riders to create their own lines, as we do in real life, to air off the hits we like best while trying to keep our board in the least tracked up powder.

It looks phenomenal. Just check out the video and pictures below.

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Images © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content PoolChristian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

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