Helicoptering Over Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

Last year I went on a New Zealand glacier helicopter tour.

There’s something about the majesty of a glacier that you can’t quite get the full effect of from the ground level, separated by a fence and the cracking glacier a few meters away.

Sure, the vistas and viewpoints provide great photo opportunities, and the hike is quite rewarding, punctuated with cascading waterfalls and framed by gorgeous mountains.

But in order to really get up close with a glacier, to really appreciate and understand it, one has to touch it.  That’s where a helicopter tour comes in.  Of all the New Zealand glaciers, Franz Josef is one of the best to see in person, fly around, and land on.  Blades swirling, clouds parting, helicopter tours of Franz Josef Glacier provide viewing opportunities like this:

The best part of the experience is landing on top of the very glacier that otherwise can only be viewed from a distance at the ground level.  Walking carefully to avoid slippage, the feeling of standing on top of a glacier and taking in the full vista is astounding.

New Zealand truly is spectacular, as is getting to know a glacier up close and personally.  For snow lovers, this is yet another notch to add to the travel experience belt.

*Thanks to Fox & Franz Josef Heliservices for the opportunity to see the glacier up close and personal.

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7 thoughts on “Helicoptering Over Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand”

  1. Kristin, thanks for the great article and photos of Franz Josef Glacier.

    I have previously visited the same area twice in my life and each time I have done the helicopter flight to the top of Fox Glacier. Your pictures bring back great memories as it is such an amazing experience!


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