Helicoptering Over Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier

Last year I went on a New Zealand glacier helicopter tour.

There’s something about the majesty of a glacier that you can’t quite get the full effect of from the ground level, separated by a fence and the cracking glacier a few meters away.

Sure, the vistas and viewpoints provide great photo opportunities, and the hike is quite rewarding, punctuated with cascading waterfalls and framed by gorgeous mountains.

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Possum: The Newest Adventure Drinking Game in New Zealand

I did some pretty stupid things as a teenager. I mean REALLY stupid. We used to get drunk in the gravel pits outside of town. Then, when we were good and sloshed, we’d pull out an old snowboard and try to ride it down the gravel slopes. It was hard to do sober, let alone falling-down drunk, and if you fell it meant a nasty tumble down a steep rocky hill. We went home bruised and bloodied more than once.

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Action Packed New Zealand

This guest post was written by Sophie Collard | Photo provided by oemebamo on Flickr

Surf through some  last minute hotel deals and pack your bags with waterproofs and hiking boots, this is going to be wild. New Zealand is a really diverse country. It’s home to the clearest rivers, the most awesome mountains, and to national parks spewing sulphur and covered in giant ferns like the ones in Jurassic Park. Aside from the greenery and volcanic activity the diversity includes, it makes it a perfect adventure travel destination.

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