Surf Skin Care For Salty Old Sea Dogs

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Anyone who has lived by the sea for any amount of time knows that saltwater destroys everything. That includes your skin, especially when you spend most of your spare time in the water under the tropical sun on a surfboard. 

I’ve never been big on skincare. But now that I’m getting older, spending more time in the water and the sun, I’m realizing that even when I was young I had dry skin and as I get older it’s getting more sensitive and easily irritated. I’m starting to notice more and more how much the elements affect my skin. It gets drier, it gets itchier, and I’m starting to get wrinkles.

So, when Land & Lore reached out to me about trying their face cleanser and moisturizer for men, I figured it was worth a shot. Anybody who knows me knows that I care absolutely zero about skincare. I’ve always just bought whatever cheapest, least perfumy, most convenient body wash and lotion happens to be when I run out. I was curious to see how different premium skincare products would be.

It also didn’t hurt that I really like Land & Lore’s brand values. They use all-natural organic ingredients. All of their products are made in the USA. And they plant a tree with every purchase, which. As a former tree planter hits me right in the ol’ nostalgia. Their label design is pretty cool too. It takes me back to my West Coast Canadian hippie days.

So, they shipped me a sample of their basic kit all the way to my home here in Phuket, Thailand, and I gave it a try. 

I went down to my local beach for a nice afternoon surf session in the glaring tropical sun.

Afterward, I went to my favorite local beach bar to clean up and try out the facial cleanser and lotion.

Now, you will be hard-pressed to find somebody who cares less about facial products than me. So, I’m not going to tell you that this was life-changing or anything. However, it was very pleasant. The products had a light, earthy, musky scent, which I liked. It didn’t smell like it was trying to be cologne. It smelled natural and it didn’t smell strong, which I really liked. I hate strong-smelling products. I specifically seek out non-perfumed products. 

So, I found Land  & Lore’s face cleanser and lotion to be refreshing. It was definitely better than my normal grocery store face body wash and lotion. Maybe it was the novelty of trying something new, or the pleasant, understated aroma, but my skin did feel cleaner and softer afterward. It was definitely less itchy from the saltwater and sun. 

So, it was very nice after finishing the day of surfing and my little skincare experiment, to relax with my girlfriend on the beach and watch the other surfers with a drink in my hand as the sun slowly descended into the Andaman Sea.

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