TripVerse: A Simple Travel Planning App


Disclosure: I was paid by TripVerse to try out their app, write my opinion of it, and include their giveaway in my blog post. As always, our agreement was that they were paying for my time, not my recommendation, and this post includes only my genuine opinions.

Online travel planning is big business. Online flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, and tour bookings are worth billions of dollars each year. So, there’s a huge race to create the next big travel app.

TripVerse is a travel planning site and application that helps travelers create itineraries for trips of all kinds, from month-long road trips to a single day in a city. As a traveler who has a hard time planning more than one day (or a few hours) ahead of time, this app makes a dreadful process much less painful, despite a bit of the glitchiness that tends to come with early-release apps and software.

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