Squaw Valley Powder Porn

I’ve wanted to visit Squaw Valley — the birthplace of extreme skiing and backdrop for many of the ski movies I watched as a child — since I was young. I was thrilled when we arrived there in early January.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t had much snow since Christmas, and the crowds of holidaymakers that visit the hill and left little behind. So, the first two days were less than ideal for sampling extreme terrain that the locals rave about.

On the night of the second day, however, it snowed nearly a foot. So, on the third day we did a bit of hiking and put in some of the best turns of the season.

All’s well that ends well, especially when you walk away with photos like these!

**Special thanks to Bryon of Exploring Elements for the photos of me (the snowboarder in the blue jacket). You can find all of Bryon’s photos here.

squaw valley skier snowboarder (12)

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