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Shi*t People Say About Squaw Valley

We asked interviewed locals and visitors as Squaw Valley to find out what they think about the mountain.

A lot of people talked about the big mountain terrain, exposed cliffs, and steep pitches. There were several mentions of the terrain park (which is pretty epic) and the chill vibe of the community.

We kind of expected those answers, but there was one surprise as well. Squaw Valley recently purchased the neighboring Alpine Meadows (the duo is referred to as ‘Squawpine’ by some), a mountain loved by locals. We learned that when Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are eventually joined by a lift (efforts are underway) ‘Squawpine’ will be the biggest ski resort in the country combining hardcore skiers love of Squaw’s extreme terrain with the homey atmosphere and awesome backcountry of Alpine Meadows.

What do you think? Is Squaw Valley the best ski area in the USA?

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