Review: Haeleum T-Shirt with Insect Shield

As a tree-planter I worked in some remote areas where the air was so thick with mosquitoes that we gave up trying to squish them. You couldn’t do it; you’d be slapping yourself in the face all day long. So, we gave up and simply let the mosquitoes eat us. We had no other choice.

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Review: Switch Sunglasses Boreal Model

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I stopped buying expensive sunglasses whenI was nineteen after a pair of $100 sunglasses blew of my head while I was hanging out the window of a speeding pickup truck throwing an empty beer bottle at a road sign (a popular pastime for bored 19 year-olds living in small redneck mountain towns).I never wanted to buy another pair of expensive sunglasses because I was sure that I would just lose them hanging out of a pickup truck drunk, or doing something else equally stupid.

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