How To Watch Netflix Abroad: A Review of Tunnel Bear


Taiwan Beers were open on on the coffee table. It was four in the morning on a Tuesday and six Canadian English teachers were in my apartment crowded around my computer, waiting to watch the Canadian hockey team battle it out with the Russians in the Olympics.

“How do we watch it?” I asked.

“My brother told me that CBC is streams all the games live.”

I opened the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for the non-Canucks out there) website and clicked on the video.

A little circle spun in the middle of the video. Then a message popped up.

“This video is not available in your area.”

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Exvana: A New Website for Adventure-Seekers

Exvana is the Internet’s newest (and self proclaimed) “premier source for recreational rentals, activities, guides and tours offered by local businesses and individual owners across North America.” It’s a site for connecting outdoors lovers with rentals, tours, guides, and accommodations in North America which, cording to their about page, contains “over 15,000 listings offering over 75,000 rentals and activities”.

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Review: Switch Sunglasses Boreal Model

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I stopped buying expensive sunglasses whenI was nineteen after a pair of $100 sunglasses blew of my head while I was hanging out the window of a speeding pickup truck throwing an empty beer bottle at a road sign (a popular pastime for bored 19 year-olds living in small redneck mountain towns).I never wanted to buy another pair of expensive sunglasses because I was sure that I would just lose them hanging out of a pickup truck drunk, or doing something else equally stupid.

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