The Links that I Liked: April 16 – 23

I like this link the most because the elf-looking guy near the bottom of the page was arrested and made the news prompting newspapers to email me asking for this photograph, which resulted in me asking for money and them giving me some.

I also learned how to properly couchsurf last week, which is good because I’m going to be trying it for the first time when I go to TBEX in June.

One thing I really dislike about my Nikon DSLR is the poor performance in low light. Cannon just put out the new 5D Mark III, and this video of its high-ISO performance shows how badly Cannon blows Nikon away in this respect.

I love strapping my flip-flops to the outside of my backpack. Sometimes I clip my hat to my bag too. Why? Chicks dig it!

Madman Mike Hall has been biking 160 miles a day for 58 days and is halfway to biking around the world in record time. The grind is definitely wearing on him, as can be seen in this video.

The true innovators of the Internet were honoured today in this article. It is a list of legends.

Of course, how could I not mention my latest article, a piece on the ethics of hiking in the endangered UNESCO World Heritage Site Banaue Rice Terraces on Travel and Escape.

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2 thoughts on “The Links that I Liked: April 16 – 23”

  1. Hi Matt – Plse any ideas – looking for a camera & came across your blog about lowlight comparisons. Yet to find a digital camera that works in lowlight to beat a Nikon FM2 – for the lens & its indestructableness – if used with high speed ISO kodak black & white film pushed & then overcooked – held contrast/detail on hand prints in all gradients including highlights without reflector or fill flash including on hand held fast shutter spd inside with low natural light. Plse do you know of any digital camera that can do this & create comparable depth/3D to an image in camera – so far not a fan of canon lenses – glass not ground well enough for me – usually prefer film cameras to proccess/printing myself to achieve this in camera but would like to find a digital to compare – no luck on my searches – plse do do you know of any digital camera that can do this? Cheers


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