Travel Photo Roulette Round #43 | Adventure

I’m proud to announce that I won round #42 of  Travel Photo Roulette, which is a themed contest that’s passed around from blogger to blogger. Below is my winning submission for the ‘evening’ themed contest.

A local family strolls home at sunset on Malapasuca Island, Philippines (click on the image to see a larger version).

As the winner, it’s my turn to host the next competition. The theme for round #43 of Travel Photo Roulette is, not surprisingly, Adventure.

Contest Overview

The contest moves from blog to blog. The winner of each round hosts the next one (I’m hosting because I won the last round). Each host chooses a theme for their round and entrants may submit photos related that theme for one week. Readers may try to sway the host blogger’s choice by posting comments. The host blogger my ignore, delete, or ridicule comments as they see fit. Actually, this is encouraged, especially after seven or eight margaritas. At the end of the week, the host blogger chooses their favorite photo from the submissions and displays it as the week’s winning entry. The host then passes the contest to the winner, who will host the next round and choose a new theme. The game continues until the Internet implodes, North Korea gains control of the Internet and outlaws tomfoolery, or or skynet destroys the human race, whichever comes first. 


  • One submission per blog
  • Postprocessing is permitted but altering photos (ie. photoshopping in Ryan Gosling rodeo-riding dolphins jumping out of the hotel swimming pool) is not
  • Abstract submissions are welcome as long they fit the theme. Remember, the host blogger chooses the winner, so if they don’t understand your ‘art’, you might not win (even if that makes the host blogger a soulless cretin).
  • Please optimize your images for the web and submit them at no more than 530px wide.
  • When choosing a theme, please do the following:
    • Keep phrases general so that all bloggers can participate. Specific items like “Eiffel Tower” should be avoided. It’s better to use open-ended phrases like “monuments.” For variety, it is okay to say focused things such as “monuments at night” which most of us have pictures of. Phrases can be generic ‘signs’, or abstract  ‘religion’.
    • Abstract ideas are good, but make sure it’s something everyone can understand. Phrases like “Kafka-esque”, “David Lynchonian”, or “Overlooking Creation” sound great in an art history thesis, but might be hard for some of us simple bloggers to understand. Please try to use a phrase that anybody can relate to.
  • After 1 year, phrases can be reused, however new photos must be submitted.
  • Obscene pictures or phrases are not allowed. Suggestive phrases and photography are acceptable, but please keep them within reason.
  • You may submit any photo, no matter how old, as long as you took it.
  • Most importantly, ALL PHOTOS MUST BE YOUR OWN. No trolling Flickr for winners.
  • This is a competition for bloggers, therefore you must be a blogger to be declared a winner.

How to submit your entries

It’s easy. Just leave comment below with a link your photo and caption. I will add it to this post. Please provide a brief description or caption so that  viewers can get a little background as to what’s happening. Check back here throughout the week to see all the entries as they come in and feel free to comment on them. The contest runs for 7 days from today, with the submission date being May 17th, 2012  –  May 24th, 2012 11.59pm GMT (Wednesday to Wednesday). The winner will be announced in the days after the deadline, and they will host round 44. **Note** Please enter medium-size web-friendly photos max 530px wide. Large pictures slow down servers and increase page load times for everybody.

The Entries

Daniel Konk

I’m not fully an adrenaline junkie but I do like to be adventurous sometimes and I really enjoy paragliding. Here is a shot I took during a trip a couple of years ago of another person paragliding below me.

Michael Falk

Here we are hiking outside Asheville, NC after doing a Beer walking Tour the night Before. I didn’t feel great and these ladders were making me a little shaky!

 Ava Apollo

I dove with HUGE, MONSTROUS, GIGANTIC (not really) sharks. Beat that!

Jeremy Jones

To me, the spirit of adventure is an adrenaline rush. Paragliding in Austria was definitely one big adrenaline rush, especially while spinning very fast. This photo is not of me, but I had just finished doing this activity when taking this photo of my friend.


The most adventurous thing I did in the thrill capital of the world, New Zealand! Glacier Hiking! Where’s my medal?


Ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier in argentine Patagonia done just few days ago! The glacier was by far the most beautiful and overwhelming thing I have seen in my life!

The Rowdy Chowgirl

The Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona is non-stop adrenalin. The bulls are unbelievably fast. This one was named Cappuccino, and not everyone was lucky enough to get out of his way. That morning we watched from a balcony. The next morning we ran with the bulls.


I am soooo not adventurous. so I totally surprised myself when I booked myself and my boyfriend on a kayaking tour of sacred Lake Batur in Bali. While the guys pictured in the photo are our guides and instructors, I’m behind the camera working my way to some very very sore arms.


Surely as the Kiwi Adventure Couple we can win this round after many, many, many unsuccessful attempts Couldn’t decide whether to go with mountain biking, snowboarding, high ropes course, surfing or ice climbing. So went with one of many shots of me during my summer as a white water rafting guide in Jasper, Canada. It’s a tough life!

 Travis Ball


I went on a four-day liveaboard while I was in Cairns and got in something like 20 dives up and around the Coral Sea. By far the most memorable was the “Shark Dive” and I think you can see why. Mostly black tips, grey reef sharks and a few of the bigger silver tips, but alas, no hammerhead


I took it in winter when I joined a hike with a group of enthusiasts. At some point we had to cross the river using what we call “a monkey bridge” which was narrow, held no more than 5 people at a time, and was rather slippery. The railings were low, so the entire trip was almost squatting.

Bob R

A little too much adventure for this young kayaker on the Soča (Isonzo) River near Bovec, Slovenia. We took a long break and help get him to shore and then eventually off the river. A few scratches and bruises and a slightly wounded ego, but he was fine.


a quick snapshot from a Metric concert in London a few years ago. The crowd was wild and Emily Haines, the lead singer, stage dove into the crowd. Daring and exciting! Awesome atmosphere. My favorite kind of adventure =D


Riding in a tiny skiff on Lake Naivasha in Kenya, surrounded by hippo’s definitely got the blood pumping.


And…(dun du du da) the winners are

Choosing a winner was not easy. Three of the entries definitely stood out for capturing the excitement of the moment. But choosing a winner from those three was not easy. But, here are my choices.

Second Runner Up

Running with bulls by The Rowdy Chowgirl. In the end, I chose to give this fantastic photo third place because, while it captures the excitement of the moment really well, it would be better if it she had used a faster shutter speed to get a sharper image.

First Runner Up

Whitewater rafting by Cole won second place. This is a great picture. You can almost feel the frigid Canadian mountain water smacking you in the face! A great photo that narrowly missed first simply because, while this captures the excitement of rafting perfectly, the first place winner was simply a once-in-a-lifetime moment.


In the end, there there was only one choice for first place. Swimming with sharks by Travis Ball is not only a well-composed photograph of a shark dive. It really looks like a once-in-a-lifetime moment when everything went better than you could ask. I’m so jealous! Congratulations Travis! You’re up for round #44.

Past Photo Roulette Winners and Hosts

The following is a list of the previously played rounds blog hosts. This list also doubles as a winner’s table because host won the preceding round! Click the links to go directly to winning entries and see some stunning photographs!

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31. Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2011 – Hecktic Travels – “Music”

32. Dec 11 – Dec 18, 2011 – Globetrotter Girls – “Love”

33. Dec 25 – Jan 1st, 2012– Man on the lam – “Humor”

34. January 8 – Jan 15 – My Walkabout – “Winter”

35. Jan 15 – Jan 22 – The Art of Slow Travel – “Blue”

36. Feb 6 – Feb 13 – Ten Times One – “Depth of Field”

37. Feb 22 – Feb 29 – Runaway Juno – “My Glorious Digital Nomad Moment”

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40. April 10th – 16th – The Travel Bunny – “Street Scene”

41.  April 23rd – April 30th – Adventure Crow – “Spirit of the Country”

42. May 7th – May 14th – Food Travel Bliss – “Evening”

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41 thoughts on “Travel Photo Roulette Round #43 | Adventure”

  1. Congrats on the win!
    Here is my submission

    Ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier in argentine Patagonia done just few days ago! The glacier was by far the most beautiful and overwhelming thing I have seen in my life!

  2. Because everyone’s going to do something sporty – here’s my entry – a quick snapshot from a Metric concert in London a few years ago. The crowd was wild and Emily Haines, the lead singer, stage dove into the crowd. Daring and exciting! Awesome atmosphere. My favorite kind of adventure =D

    Also, if I could, I’d add Ryan Gosling to EVERY photo of mine 🙂

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