As a Traveler You Need to Know About African Swine Fever

Travel is an almost exclusively joyful activity. From the dreaming and trolling of social media for inspiration, to the planning, anticipation, and ultimately the actual trip. 

Part of being a good traveler, besides knowing about local customs and respecting the cultures we visit, is making sure we don’t unintentionally cause harm. This is why you need to know about African Swine Fever (ASF).

ASF is a highly contagious disease of both domestic and wild pigs that is ravaging parts of the world. There is no evidence that ASF can infect humans, and it is not considered a food safety risk for us but it can in some cases reach mortality rates near 100% in pigs.

What you need to know: 

ASF is not in Canada – we want to keep it that way and you can play a part.

ASF is largely spread by contact between pigs. However, where travelers are concerned, ASF can spread in one of two ways: 

1) The transport of food or animal products that contain ASF across borders, even a cooked ham could contain ASF.

2) On the clothing or footwear of people who have come into contact with ASF while visiting a farm while abroad. Coming into contact with ASF doesn’t necessarily mean coming into contact with pigs. It could mean coming into contact with infection-carrying farm equipment, vehicles, clothing or footwear, or livestock feed. 

How you can help

  • Always declare ALL animal and food products at the border (#BeAwareAndDeclare or risk being fined up to $1,300)
  • Wash or dispose of ALL clothing and footwear worn while visiting a farm outside of Canada.
  • Do not visit any farms in Canada within 14 days of visiting a farm while traveling abroad.

More Information

The ASF Traveler’s Pamphlet:

More information about ASF transmission prevention:

List of Countries Recognized as Free from African Swine Fever:

I’m proud to partner with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on this sponsored blog post to bring awareness to travelers about African Swine Fever and discuss the ways that Canadian travelers can avoid bringing this disease into Canada.

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