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Everest Expedition has “50:50 Chance of Summiting or Dying”

All of our favourite magazine, National Geographic, will now be covering expeditions on Mount Everest daily with their new iPad app and dedicated web page. Included in that coverage will be this ominous-sounding expedition.

In 1963 Will Unsoeld and Tom Hornbein’s made a historic traverse of Mount Everest, the first traverse (climbing and descending by different routes) of any Himalayan peak. To do this they had to ascend Everest’s treacherous West Ridge. This year North Face athletes Conrad Anker and Corey Williams plan to recreate that expedition.  In this video Mark Jenkins, climber and award-winning author, gives the pair a “50:50 and chance of summiting or dying”.

I’m looking forward to following the expedition on NatGeo. Good luck boys!

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