Keep an Eye Out for Me in AFAR Magazine

I’m very happy to announce that I’m working with AFAR Magazine. For those unfamiliar with the magazine, AFAR is a relatively new travel magazine (the first issue was published in 2009) that has during its short existence won numerous Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards, which are pretty much like the Oscars of travel media awards.

You can imagine how stoked I am that my name will be in the masthead of the next issue.

They’re going to list my name in the masthead because I’m now an AFAR Ambassador. That means that every month I sign into to AFAR’s website at upload a whole bunch of highlights (suggestions for things to do while traveling) and create a few wanderlists (curated lists of highlights).

Anyone can sign up for an account on the website and upload their own highlights and make lists, but not everyone will get to have the nifty title of ambassador next to their name (I don’t actually have it yet either, but they assure me that they put it there).

Sound cool?  I think so. Especially because, if I talk really quickly when I tell people “I work with AFAR Magazine as an ambassador on their website,” and they’re not really paying attention (which is normal) then all they’ll hear is “AFAR Magazine”, and they’ll just assume that I write for them.

Now, all I have to do find a way to trick AFAR’s editors into believing that I write for them.

Below are some links so you can see what I’ve been up to over there. Check them out. Don’t forget to like my highlights and follow my profile so that they don’t regret making me an ambassador 😉

Here’s my profile.

Here are my highlights.

Here are my wanderlists.



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