Chosen One of the Top Twenty Travel Writing Blogs

Yesterday a bit of e-flattery landed in my inbox in the form of an email from a Miss Anna Miller informing me that I made her website’s Top Twenty Travel Writing Blogs list.  This email also marks a strange trend for my blog.

This is the third time my blog has been ranked on a toplist by a website specializing in online education. None of these lists appear to rank blogs according to traffic or popularity (otherwise I would not be on them).  These lists do, however, usually include many of the blogs that, popular or not, have the best writing around, such as Galding, World Hum, Rolf Potts’s Vagabonding, Contemporary Nomad, and Tranquilo Traveler.  Although I suspect that these lists are a ploy to get links from blogs with related content, I would rather just ignore that and take it as a compliment.

Yesterday my blog was placed alongside some of the best out there, and it totally made my day.

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