ScotteVest Travel Vest for Men Review

Design is important. If any creative discipline has the potential to create a sustainable, energy-efficient, recyclable world, it’s design. Good designs are simple, solve a problem in a creative way, and are easy to use.

One great example is the water hippo. When I think of villagers in Africa walking long distances for water, I think of people carrying two sloshing buckets in their hands or suspended from a stick across their back. That was before Engineers Without Borders tackled the problem. EWB figured out how to repurpose old plastic barrels, which are fairly common and go unused, into water transportation wheels that will carry 90 litters of water and can be pushed over rural roads using an attached handle. They’re easy enough to push that even the elderly and children can use them.

ScotteVest is a clothing design company, but not in the usual sense. They design clothing that is simple, attractive, and solves problems for travelers. The main problem they solve is a common one: how to comfortably and conveniently carry all the extra crap you need on the road.

They solve this problem by designing clothing with tons of hidden pockets designed specifically not to make the clothing look bulky (i.e. like it’s crammed full of your crap) and they have done an excellent job. At least they have in the case of their Travel Vest for Men, which I was given to review.

The ScotteVest Travel Vest for Men

scottevest travel vest for men
The Travel Vest for Men

The ScotteVest Travel Vest for men is a stylish well-fitted vest with 24 pockets. That’s right, 24.

With the exception of the two zip-up breast pockets, however, you wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from any other vest — unless you looked at the price tag that is. At $125 this is not a cheap garment.

To be honest, for that price I never would have considered buying one. After being given this one to review, though, I would. This vest has saved me a lot of time and headaches — definitely $125 worth.

How It Works

The pockets on the ScotteVest are designed to be practical, intuitive, and invisible and they have accomplished those things as well as I would think possible. The smartphone and iPod pockets fit the devices snugly and have a transparent front through which you can operate them. The outside pockets automatically snap shut with magnets to prevent thing from falling out, but that are also easily pushed apart when you insert your hand. Rather than bore you with those details, though, I’ll get right down to the real reason you’re reading this review.

For a picture of me.

ScotteVest travel vest for men
Look at that handsome devil.

Now here is a picture of all the crap I that was in my ScotteVest when I took that picture. It’s the normal load that I carry onto an airplane in it.

stuff I put in my scottevest travel vest for men
Their jackets also have a pocket for an iPad. Seriously.

 The Result

Although some people may feel differently about their other products, I have found the ScotteVest Travel Vest for Men to be versatile, stylish, and extremely useful. Since I received this vest two months ago I have taken seven flights and I will not fly without it again.

When I travel, my carry on bag is stuffed with computer and camera equipment that I don’t want to put in my luggage. It barely fits under the seat in front of me and is very awkward to put in the overhead bin. It’s a pain getting things out of it.

Now, with the my ScotteVest, I don’t have to take things out of it (except for my laptop). I can carry everything I need in once garment. This is also handy when going trough security. I don’t have to empty my pockets anymore. I simply place the vest in the bin.

I actually use it so much that my girlfriend has started referring to it as my ‘purse’.

I haven’t done so yet, but I’m looking forward to taking my ScotteVest out on a shoot so that I can leave my camera bag behind and use the vest to carry my extra lenses and flash.

In Conclusion

The ScotteVest is expensive; prohibitively so. But, if you’re a frequent traveler or the kind of person who isn’t concerned with dropping $125 on a useful garment, then I strongly recommend that you buy one now.

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9 thoughts on “ScotteVest Travel Vest for Men Review”

  1. I almost didn’t get one at TBEX because I figured I wouldn’t ever wear it. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how it looks on — it’s actually quite fashionable! I’m looking forward to actually using it on my trip to Peru in a couple months. Ladies, I’m telling you, it’s not just for the men. Even the stylish female traveler can rock the ScotteVest.

    Nice write-up, Matt!

  2. I’ve been a happy SeV customer for years. I travel 48 weeks out of the year, and having lots of pockets as I get on the various planes, trains, and shuttles has been very advantageous. I use the Revolution Jacket as my primary coat… with the sleeves off, it’s comfortable even on the plane at 70 degrees, but can work in rain and cold (down to 40 or so) with the sleeves on. I also carry the Transformer jacket as my lightweight vest (“man purse”, yeah) with my array of gadgets for my iPhone.

  3. I love the pockets and the design, but the fabric does not clean up well. I had it four days and dripped a couple drops of shawarma, blotted it up and wiped it with water and the stain spread from a few drops to a six inch blotch. Multiple hand wash and a machine wash did not make a dent in the spot. Again, I love the look and design, but the high-tech fabric is a bust.

  4. I will also chime in, I am a business traveller, with some leisure travel thrown in, and I will not fly without my ScottEvest. It removes the need to take a purse and frees my hands for luggage, or shopping, or what have you. Prior to using my ScottEvest I used to struggle with stuffing my personal items into my laptop bag, and was almost always forced to check luggage because I still needed my purse. Now, I can carry everything onto the plane easily. Added bonus: the extra layer the vest provides is great if you are always cold (which I am) and allows you to pack/stow your heavier coats/jackets. If I am going straight to a client’s office from the airport, and the vest is too casual for that venue, I transfer vital items to my laptop bag and stuff the vest into my suitcase or leave it in the car. I’ve had no issues with laundering or pressing it if the occasional wrinkle does not hang out. I have been using and wearing a Ladies Black vest for three years. Quality product.


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