Best in the West Ski Resort Showdown

We’re trying to figure out which are the best ski hills and towns in the western US and we need your help. Tell us which are your three favorite hills.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions below.

You’ll get to see the results to date as soon as you’re done.

After you complete the survey, just enter the password: bestinthewest to see the results.

We’ll announce the final results of the survey at the end of the tour.

After you complete the survey, just enter the password: bestinthewest to see the results.

Not sure what to do now? Why not read about the time I went undercover as a snowboarder on a hill that doesn’t allow us?

Or tell us (and everyone else) why your hill is the best in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Best in the West Ski Resort Showdown”

  1. I lived in Colorado for years so skied a ton at all the easy to access resorts. You don’t have Winter Park on your list and yet it is an awesome place for mogul lovers. Would love to try Telluride & Sun Valley in the US but would also like to do a tour in Canada of all the small resorts from Revelstoke through to the BC/US border and include all the Okanagan ski hills.

  2. I’m definitely hoping we can expand the tour into ID and hit Sun Valley later in the year. However, I’m not sure I’m sold on Winter Park. I’m really not much of a mogul guy 😉

    If I could I’d totally go to Kimberly, Fernie, Panorama, Kicking Horse, WhiteWater and Revelstoke. I grew up on those hills! But, it’s logistically impossible for us to go everywhere in one season. Canada will have to wait until next year.

    Are you doing any skiing this season?

  3. No disrespect to Squaw, which I saw made the Top 10 list for awesomeness, but seems to me that these days Squaw depends Moreno its reputation dating back to the Tahoe Olympics than any real awesome scale. In my opinion, Heavenly sets the standard in Tahoe. Everyone compares themselves to Heavenly. Heavenly is the measuring rod. Plus, according to this guy writing for Forbes, Heavenly has the best Après ski party in North America.

  4. I don’t really care for that list. Everyone has been talking about it, but it’s a list based only on stats and an algorithm. Stats cannot encompass and emotional human experience. I’m in touch with the South Lake people and hoping to put together a visit if possible. Maybe we can go hit up Heavenly together!

  5. I’d love to have done all of North America, but we’re trying to visit all of the top contenders to learn from locals what makes each hill unique. Including Canada would have added at least four more hills to the list. Trying to make it to all the major hills in the USA is already a stretch!

    Maybe next year 😉


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