Tony Eitnier and Thomas Arnold of Contemporary Nomad on Travel Blogging | Transitions Abroad

An interview with Tony Eitnier and Thomas Arnold, a couple who were forced into perpetual travel when the exclusionary marriage laws in their respective countries prevented them both from obtaining a visa in the other’s home country.

A Good Year for Awards (I Won Another One)

Damn, it’s been a good year for awards.  Today I was notified that I was chosen as one of the top fifty travel blogs of 2010 ) by Awarding the Web — an organization that strives “to recognize excellent web content so that those who have worthwhile content can be distinguished from the useless, bad content that plagues today’s internet.”

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Wow, was Just Chosen as One of the Best Travel Blogs in the World

I just received an email from Online Degree Programs.  They ranked as one of the 50 best travel blogs in the world. I’m even placed third on the list (although I don’t think that really means anything), just after World Hum and Best Travel Writing, two of the biggest and best group travel blogs in out there.

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Featured on

Check it out.  I was just featured on is website that offers a ton of useful travel information such as, stories, book reviews, panel discussions, and a really, really long list of travel blogs.

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An Interview with Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt

Ranking travel blogs is a tricky business.  There is no way of knowing exactly how much traffic a blog gets, and how long visitors stay for, unless you’re the administrator of the blog.  There are several tools you can use to rank other peoples’ blogs, but none are completely accurate.  However, whenever I read a travel blog toplist, search on Google, or compare blogs using any of the afore-mentioned ranking tools, one is almost always on top: Gary Arndt is, by my best estimate, the most popular solo travel blogger in the world.

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