Is Wolf Creek the Best Ski Area in the United States?

Wolf Creek

Statistically Wolf Creek appears to be a fairly average ski area. It’s 1600 acres, which places it solidly in the middle of the pack for rideable terrain. It has seven lifts to serve that terrain and a vertical of just over 1,600 feet. There’s no terrain park at all.

There is one statistic, however, that sets Wolf Creek apart from other resorts

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Sh*t People Say About Wolf Creek

We left Salt Lake City to visit Wolf Creek in February, excited to see how Colorado’s best snow stacks up against Utah’s self-proclaimed “best snow on Earth”. It was impressive. While there we got to ask the locals and visitors what they liked about Wolf Creek. Some people mentioned the super-chill small town atmosphere. Mentions … Read more

A Massive Powder Day at Wolf Creek

We visited Wolf Creek Ski Resort on the Sunday the 11th and Monday 12th of February. From the 9th to the 11th Wolf Creek was slammed by a massive storm. The resort received 48″ of fresh snow, which they added to the 200″ they’d already received, giving them more snow than any other resort in Colorado by leaps and bounds.

I went out both days with Wolf Creek ski instructor Steven Baird both days to take some photos. Here’s what we came up with.

Wolf Creek Powder Skier Snowboarder 01

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