Is Jackson Hole the Best Resort in the USA?

Jackson Hole Best Resort 1
A friend I made on the chairlift hucking off the first cliff we could find

Jackson Hole is an epic mountain, there’s no question about it. It was even crowned the best ski resort in the USA two years in a row by Christopher Steiner in his top five list for Forbes. Not being trusting of lists that are based purely on statistics (as Steiner’s is), Emilie and I visited Jackson Hole in mid-December to test out our new gear judge for ourselves whether the hill actually offers the best skiing experience in America.

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Jackson Hole Micro Guide

Jackson Hole Micro Guide

We’re traveling to ski resorts in the western U.S. trying to decipher which will provide the best vacation experience for skiers and snowboarders like you.  Along the way we’re interviewing locals, taking photos of local skiers and boarders tearing up their hometown hill, and using everything we learn from the locals to create these micro guides. This guide comes in video and written form. Both can be found below.

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Jackson Hole Powder Porn

Last week Emilie and I were fortunate to arrive in Jackson Hole for two days of skiing and snowboarding in the middle of an epic storm. Jackson Hole was buried in snow. Now I understand why the locals love it so much.

It was mostly a white-out, so it wasn’t great for photography, but the snow was amazing!

I also met a lot of locals who I managed to snap some good photos when the weather allowed for it. Here they are.

Jackson Hole Powder Porn 01
The first person I met was a guy named Brian who lived in Taos. This was one of the first photos we took.

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Sh*t People Say About Jackson Hole

We interviewed a bunch of Jackson Hole locals to find out what makes it unique among ski resorts and ski towns. According to them, the lift lines are short, the powder is deep, and the locals are laid back (all of which we personally confirmed during our visit). They also say the music is great (which … Read more

Wyoming’s Other Ski Resorts

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is Wyoming’s best-known resort by leaps and bounds, and for good reason. With the longest continuous vertical rise of any ski area in the US and one of the lowest on-hill skier densities, Jackson Hole deserves its reputation for being one of the best ski areas in the world. However, not everyone … Read more