Win a trip to Cuba with Peregrine Adventures


Looking for something different for your next trip? How about a beautiful country rich with history? Then beautiful Cuba is a good option — and it’s the next trip up for grabs in the Pergrine Adventures 20/20 competition.

This is the first of 20 wonderful adventures Peregrine Adventures is giving away over the next 20 days — so Cuba won’t he the only choice. Every trip will be different. 

This competition is a celebration of  20 years of Peregrine’s pioneering work in employing local tour leaders for 20 years now on their tours and trips, which in turn has set the benchmark for other companies.

Peregrine feels that locals are the only ones who offer you the best authentic travel experience can enable you to explore a destination naturally and organically.

This can end up being a benefit to the traveller as well as the communities visited because as tourism is an important source of income for them.

Cuba is nestled in the Caribbean Sea amongst a number of neighbouring islands and is one of the larger and more economically developed countries in the area.

With such an extravagant history Cuba is still shrouded in a cloak of seclusion. It is easily one of the hottest travel destinations on the planet. Throughout your trip you will be able to trace the history of the famous Cuban Revolution visiting numerous monuments and patriotic sites.

Cuba also has another interesting side. The country is not just stories of uprising and revolutions; the island is part of Latin America so , music and dancing are popular. You definitely have to take part in some local salsa dancing and experience many other interesting aspects.

Whilst on the tour you will get the chance to experience another favourite past time of Cubans, cigar smoking, as you will pass through the Vinales region where the tobacco is grown and those huge expensive Cuban cigars are manufactured.

Not to forget Havana in all its faded glory, the islands capital will be the start and finish point for your tour, here you can wander around the many cobble streets and get to practise some of your expert Spanish. The city is the largest on the island so naturally the busiest, you will be able to take a look at many museums, cathedrals or just choose to relax and watch the afternoon go by as you try some traditional arroz congri which is rice and black beans!

So if you’d like the chance to win this incredible touch of Cuba adventure make sure are entered in Peregrines 20/20 competition here. There will be more great trips up for grabs too so keep your eyes peeled each day on the Peregrine Adventures 20 Trips in 20 Days travel competition competition page.

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