10 Excellent Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is a city of culinary diversity and excellence. With so much variety in style and quality, it’s no easy task to choose the best Singapore restaurant for your evening Different restaurants serve different cuisines. Many specialize in exclusive Asian cuisines while others offer a western, modern, and fusion. Quality of service is also key to choosing the best restaurants in Singapore for your enjoyment.

Of course, the best way to learn about the best and most unique places to eat is to take a professionally-curated culinary tour in Singapore. But, if you’re just looking for some suggestions for dinner tonight, these are my favorites.

My 10 Favorite Restaurants in Singapore

1. Birds of a Feather

The restaurant is dedicated to serving western contemporary cuisine with a unique flair. They’re best known for their use of exotic spices such as Szechuan pepper to makes signature dishes stand out. Birds Of A Feather is open during the day (unlike some of it’s competitors), has a wide-ranging wine list, and mixes some a pretty cocktail as well.

2. Fat Prince

Fat Prince specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. Fat Prince is open every day except Sunday is usually open until midnight for late diners. The dishes at the restaurant are carefully curated to offer a varied overview of Middle Eastern dishes. Talented bartenders ensure each meal will be accompanied by a properly-prepared cocktail and are always willing to provide suggestions. The interior design of the restaurant is also one of its most charming features. It’s almost worth visiting for the atmosphere alone.

3. Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan

Chef’s Table is a western restaurant with an open kitchen concept and a unique approach to dining. The restaurant offers dishes comprised of a selection of 28 key ingredients and the menu is constantly changing. Each dish is made to accommodate the diner’s taste and all diet types (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) can be accommodated. The chef also curates different types of professionally sourced wines to assure customers the best dining experience.

4. Moosehead Kitchen-Bar

Moosehead’s wood-and-mirror decor give it traditional pub feel with a touch of class. The restaurants specialize in Mediterranean cuisine. The casual atmosphere and lunch specials attract a sizeable crowd, so it’s best to try and get in early if you want a seat. The healthy food, chill atmosphere, and mix of of reggae, house jazz and hip hop, make Mooshead a favorite among locals for casual dining and after-work drinks.

5. Gemmills

Gemmills serves great comfort food for expats missing home. This bistro is a great spot to relax with anything from a cup of coffee to a bottle of wine. Their location makes them a great place to stop over and enjoy a casual dining experience. The interior features cozy couches giving it a homey feel. The restaurant has enough space for groups of family and friends but also cozy areas couples as well. The service is highly professional and they atten to each customer in a professional manner to assure you the best dining experience ever.

6. Don Ho

It is a restaurant where you can enjoy Australian cuisine in Singapore. At the restaurant you can enjoy refreshing tropical cocktails and an outstanding dining experience. There is a wide range of menus to choose as you enjoy the captivating atmosphere. Their menu consists of foods from land and sea. Communal dining tables and open kitchen concept lets you feel at home as you dine in Singapore.

7. Oxwell & Co

The restaurant is a high-end Gastropub with excellent cuisine. High-end hearty pub foods are the fare of the day. You can as get a good high-end beer as you relax in the restaurant. The Sunday roast is a local favorite and if you love UK-style cocktails you’ll love the drinks here. The rooftop bar also has a great view of the city lights at night.

8. The Lokal

The Lokal is the local go-to for Australian comfort food. The restaurant is located at the edge of China town and has a modern decor and stylish atmosphere. You can enjoy Australian classics with a unique twist fish and chips with sweet potato fries or the lokal burger with fermented ketchup. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can have a hearty brunch, the Lokal is an excellent choice.

9. Neon Pigeon

Neon Pigeon serves modern Japanese cuisine and a wide selection of cocktails and beverages. If you love Japanese culture, then you will find the restaurant among the best places to enjoy Japanese foods in Singapore. Foods and drinks are carefully curated to allow you enjoy the best dining experience.

10. Blu Kouzina

You can comfortably enjoy authentic Greek cuisine at the Blu Kouzina. Their menu features classic foods such as grilled octopus, cold meze, and fresh seafood with Greek-inspired ingredients and other Mediterranean flavors. The servers are professionals and they will ensure you are comfortable and well taken care of.

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