Luxury Cruises Are More Affordable Than You Think

This post was created in partnership with Celebrity Cruises and all photos are courtesy of Celebrity Cruises, but all opinions are my own.

Although most of my writing focusses on adventure travel, like most people, I occasionally dream about taking an indulgent luxurious cruise vacation. And, like most people, I find the dream quite pleasant, right up to the moment it’s ejected from my mind by an invasion of realities like work, bills, and my bank balance.

I recently learned, however, that I’ve been overestimating the cost of taking a luxury cruise. I think most people do.

I recently discovered Celebrity Cruise’s cruise deals listings page. The page features modern and luxurious cruises on sale at affordable rates. This multi-award-winning cruise line offers cruises to over 300 destinations and provides access to exclusive deals and last-minute sales through their website.

I was just browsing the limited-time deals page and most of the cruises I looked at started and around — or less than — $100 USD per person per night. That’s more than I normally spend traveling, but it actually sounds like a pretty great deal when you consider that guests are provided personal butlers, meals crafted by a Michelin-starred chef, spas, nightclubs, and even art galleries and professional photographers to snap your selfies for you.

For $100 per person you can’t even go for a nice dinner and show in most big cities, let pay for a nice hotel room. The more I look into these cruises, the more I’m tempted to book one.

Below is a summary of the deals I’ve been looking at and what they include.

If you’re wondering how it’s financially possible for a cruise to offer such extravagance at such low prices there is a video at the bottom of this post that explains the economics of the cruise industry and how they’re able to provide quality amenities and services at surprisingly low prices.

Multiple Options And Deep Discounts

Celebrity Cruises has structured their deals to aggressively incentivize buyers to upgrade and travel with friends. When you buy a suite including all 4 perks you can save up to $400.

Perks Include:

  • Beverage package
  • Unlimited WIFI
  • Prepaid tips
  • $150 onboard purchase credit

If you’re buying a package that doesn’t include all the perks, you can add an extra perk to your package by putting down a non-refundable deposit when you book.

On top of that, if you can talk friends into joining you, the third and fourth guests you book with can save 50% on their fare.

Resident Rates

In addition to the above discounts, Celebrity Cruises also offers special resident rates for residents of:

  • Alaska
  • Bermuda
  • The Caribbean
  • Dubai and India
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Canada

Gourmet Dining

Celebrity Cruises provides world dining options. Cruises offer a variety of cuisines in up to 16 different on-board restaurants, each featuring a menu designed Cornelius Gallagher, a Michelin-starred chef, and beverage pairings chosen by their expert sommeliers. There are also numerous onboard bars, lounges, and nightclubs serving professionally-crafted cocktails for evening entertainment.

Your Own Personal Butler

That’s right. Every guest gets a personal butler.


All cruises are equipped with onboard WIFI so you can stay connected and entertained during your trip.

Onboard Activities

Celebrity Cruises offer a bevy of onboard activities such as golf, basketball, ping-pong, croquet, bocce and pool volleyball. The ships have large permanent collections of contemporary art as well as art programs you can attend. There are also live art auctions, educational seminars, and exhibitions.

Cruises also have professional photographers on hand to capture your journey so that you can focus on enjoying yourself rather than snapping selfies.

Health and Fitness

Celebrity Cruises provides exceptional spa treatments and salon services. Also, they provide you with a variety of fitness classes and fitness seminars. The spa centers and fitness classes provide a rejuvenating and healthy break from your daily routine while the salon makes sure you’re ready to glam every event that takes place in the cruise.

Medical Needs

Celebrity Cruises accommodates a broad spectrum of medical conditions, including those that require dialysis or oxygen (as long as you bring your own medical equipment). Just let them know in advance. They also offer a set of services designed specifically to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of autistic guests and their travel companions.

LGBTQ+ Cruises

Celebrity Cruises takes pride in facilitating joyful journeys for all guests and their effort has not gone unnoticed. They were awarded Most LGBTQ+ Friendly Travel Company at the 2016 TTG Travel Awards and were named The Best Large Ship Line for LGBTQ+ Passengers at the Cruizie Awards the last four years in a row.

These honors are due in part, at least, to the fact that for years Celebrity Cruises has been performing same-sex marriages when in jurisdictions where it’s legal and in 2017 announced that they would also be able to perform same-sex marriages in international waters under the authority of Maltese law (as most of the fleet is based there).

How Do They Do It?

Do you wonder how Celebrity Cruises is able to offer such extravagant experiences for less per day than renting a Ford Fiesta in New York City? The short answer is by focussing on low margins and high volume. The video below explains in more detail how companies like Celebrity Cruises are able to keep costs low and quality standards high.

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  1. You’ve convinced me to look at Celebrity. I’ve done numerous cruises on another line and the service has gone down over the years. Since I haven’t had a clue who to try, i simple haventdone any cruise for 3 years. This looks like a good option.

  2. i live in a country with numerous islands and ships is one way to travel around.. cruises don’t particularly appeal to me although they say it’s a very convenient way travel.. maybe when i get older ^_^


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