Deep Nightclub Review

FYI South February, 2007

deepRyan Lu has brought South Taiwan many firsts. He was Taiwan’s first graffiti artist. He was one of the first skateboarders (and has subsequently achieved legendary status). He opened the first pop art clothing store, 420, and now he has brought Tainan its first authentic hip-hop club – Deep.

Deep, located in Anping (go West on Fucian Rd. past City Hall, hang a left at the gateway before the market, then take your first right onto YiPing Rd. and watch for the sign 2 blocks up on your right), is the most ghetto fabulous establishment this author has yet to set foot in. The lights are low and the walls are padded with red velvet. Semi-private VIP style booths line the room and are separated by hanging beads. The menu, of course, sports the classic players drink, Congac. A bottle of XO will set you back NT$6000. Those with a little less bling to blow may want to opt for a bottle of VSOP for NT$3500.

Those really looking to impress can purchase one of a choice selection of imported cigars starting with Patagas at NT$400 each up to the Davidoff 2000 Tubos at NT$800 apiece.

Deep is not only Tainan’s first hip hop club, but also the first sporting regular bossanova nights, which are Sunday Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday nights are Ladies nights. To get the fairer sex dancing, Deep keeps the house music bumpin’ and gives the ladies all they can drink for just NT$200, while guys get the same for a mere NT$350.
FYI South February, 2007

Friday and Saturday are hip hop nights and usually end up with the dance floor crowd spreading out into a circle to watch one of the regular B-Boys spin on his head at high velocity.

No one should leave Deep before trying the signature cocktail, the Deep Water Bomb (NT$180), which is a shot of tequila dropped in a beer, and, according to owner Ryan, “makes it easy to get high”.

The NT$250 Long Island Iced Teas and NT$150 beers also keep that goal well within reach.

FYI South reminds you that drinking and driving is a poor method of death avoidance.

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