Deep Nightclub Review

FYI South February, 2007

deepRyan Lu has brought South Taiwan many firsts. He was Taiwan’s first graffiti artist. He was one of the first skateboarders (and has subsequently achieved legendary status). He opened the first pop art clothing store, 420, and now he has brought Tainan its first authentic hip-hop club – Deep.

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Fusion Groove Lounge Review

FYI South December, 2004

fusion1The unique design of this ultra-modern club highlights it as a diamond of the Tainan club scene. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors give the main floor the expansive feeling of a big city super club like Luxy or Ministry of Sound while the dark color scheme and tastefully dim lighting of the loft-style lounge overlooking the dance floor adds an aura of nonchalance and class.

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Pure Music: Shining Radio

FYI South Magazine March, 2005

I hate North American radio: that stream of shallow, repetitive pop songs that assaults you in every mall, barbershop, and restaurant. College radio too. Every DJ wants to be Howard Stern or Happy Harry Hard-On, they talk too much, and the music sucks. And, in my opinion, there’s only one thing worse than Western Radio. Taiwanese Radio. It’s like one long looped Chinese Christina Aguilera parody.

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Fire Dancing in Tainan

FYI South January, 2005

fireEight hundred years ago a mammoth bird called the Moa roamed the island of New Zealand. The Moa (cousin to the ostrich) could stretch up to 3.5 meters tall and weighed more than a small cow. They were slow, stupid, and tasty and thus rapidly hunted to extinction by the Polynesians (now known as Maori) who settled the island in the 13th century.

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Southern Taiwan’s Live Music Scene

Cover Story, FYI South March, 2005

music_south_taiwanThe title of this article is misleading; it’s a ruse to lure people in – the bait of an insidious reader trap. This article isn’t about southern Taiwan’s whole music scene. It isn’t about most of it, or even half of it. This article contains information pertaining such a small fraction of southern Taiwan’s music scene that such a title is scandalous.

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