Letter from the Editor: Bunk Magazine Issue 5

Click on the image above to download a low-res PDF (6.3mb) of Bunk Issue 5
Click on the image above to download a low-res PDF (6.3mb) of Bunk Issue 5

The Armory is synonymous with art. The Armory itself is a work of art, having been built by a sculptor from the remains of the demolished armory that once stood in its place. Since then the Armory has hosted numerous art and photography exhibitions, usually for charity, and often paid local bands to play even though the business never made any money from it. The owner of the Amory, Dumei, is a true patron of the arts.

I first met Dumei several years ago when I started a magazine for foreigners called Xpat. She promised to buy our most expensive advertising spot, the back cover, as long as we were in business, not because she needed the advertising, but simply to support the magazine. I had gotten the idea to start Xpat Magazine after seeing a similar publication that had circulated around Tainan years earlier. It was called Bunk. Bunk had also been created by foreigners and sponsored by Dumei. Dumei has never turned away those who asked her for help; from the Tainan Phoenix soccer team to the children who live in the orphanage that she funds in Tibet. So, I was proud to help her to create this, the newest issue of Bunk, showcasing the some of the best writers, photographers, and artists in Tainan, to commemorate the Armory’s 12th Anniversary.

I hope that you enjoy this magazine and appreciate it for what it truly is: a publication produced by the artists of Tainan, created by the grace of Dumei’s Buddhist charity, and funded by foreigners getting falling-down drunk.

Matt Gibson
Editor in Chief

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