A Ride Through Taroko Gorge, Taiwan [VIDEO]

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan is an enormous cavernous gorge (over 2000 feet long and 200 feet tall) carved out of the mountains on Taiwan’s East Coast over several millennia  by the Liwu River. A highway follows the gorge, which is also criss-crossed with some of the country’s most spectacular hiking trails.

The best way to see the gorge is on those trails or from the road a bicycle or motorcycle. I’ve written before about hiking and biking in Taroko Gorge.

Last Sunday my friend Mei Mei from Taipei came to visit me in Hualien and she mentioned that she hadn’t seen Taroko Gorge since she was in high school almost 20 years earlier. So, I had to take her for a Sunday motorcycle ride up the gorge. Before we left, I grabbed my Go Pro to see if I could capture the magnificence of the drive on video.

Music: Hearts on Fire by Scomber on CC Mixter

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7 thoughts on “A Ride Through Taroko Gorge, Taiwan [VIDEO]”

  1. You DO know that you can put the GoPro on your helmet, not hold it out in your hand, right? It would be real inconvenient to me if you kill yourself – I still want to work with you!

  2. Thanks for sharing, HAHA im a little bit scared in heights that’s why i always envy to all people who can face and happy to experience an extreme like this 😀 .. and i think there’s more many things to do in philippines in terms of ADVENTURE 🙂 or FOODS and many more.. Sir try to explore Philippines that i guaranteed you full fill your true ADVENTUROUS Skills , but any way thanks again for sharing Mr. Matt 😉


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