Meet Dave Cornthwaite and his Expedition 1000 Project

This is a primer for an upcoming exclusive interview I will do with Dave Cornthwaite. Be sure to check back for it, or subscribe for free so that I can send it directly to you.

Meet Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite is a 31-year-old English adventurer, author, and public speaker living an extraordinary life. He broke the world record for the long-distance skateboarding by pushing himself 5823 km (3618 mi.) from Perth to Brisbane, Australia, in 2006 (a record that was later broken by Rob Thompson).

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Watch it Now: the BBC’s Human Planet

I don’t know why I had never seen this before my aunt emailed me the trailer yesterday. Most of us have heard of the BBC’s Planet Earth series.  Now, imagine the same caliber of cinematography and storytelling used to depict the most fascinating cultures and rituals of the human world. That is the BBC’s Human Planet series.

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