Meet the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Contestants

Since 2005 National Geographic has held a contest to choose the most outstanding adventurer of the year.  This year’s list includes people who have risen to the pinnacle all manner of extreme outdoors activities from trekking the length of the Amazon, to sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a prototype boat made of recycled plastic bottles, to smashing the world record for rowing across the north Atlantic.

Below are a few of my favorites. You can read all of the full profiles on NatGeo’s website.

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The Top Ten Discoveries of 2010

Last month National Geographic listed the ten greatest discoveries of 2010.  Among them are an earthquake that shortened our day, a glimpse of evolution in action with a lizard species in which some members still lay eggs, while others have made the jump to live birth, a study that says black holes are doorways to alternate realities (seriously), and, my favorite, a super cute pink fish that walks on it’s hands along the ocean floor.

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