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Driving the Roads of South America

Guest post by Karla Fetrow

South America could truly be called one of world’s last remaining frontiers.  The geography ranges from the ultra-modern comforts of Buenos Aires to indigenous tribes that remain completely untouched by modern civilization.  Its road system reflects the same diversity. Continue Reading →


Stay in an Igloo Under the Aurora Borealis

One of the most unique ways to see the aurora borealis (also called the northern lights) is to stay in an igloo at the Igloo Village in Finnish Lapland where you will be able to gaze up at the curtains of light as you fall asleep. Read on to find out more about the Igloo Village, what causes the aurora borealis, when the aurora borealis is most visible, and where the aurora borealis occurs. Continue Reading →


Italy Adventure Travel Guide

Adventure in Italy is not hard to come by. This may be the land of romance and pasta, but with 7,600 km of coastline, a favorable climate, and two mountain ranges, Italy is an excellent destination for outdoors adventures. Via ferrata in Italy is growing in popularity, especially in the Dolomites. Of course, the mountains are also great for skiing, climbing. Kitesurfing in Italy is hugely popular, and there are lots of schools and rental shops. Sea kayaking in Italy is also a fantastic way to explore the country’s coastline. Continue Reading →