Tubing Laos (and other cool stuff)

This guest post was written by guest blogger Stephanie Collard of QunoSpotter.co.uk

Get off the computer, book some low cost flights, and go on the adventure of a lifetime in South East Asia. Laos is often the last country people visit, but it should be the first. Laos is a beautiful country filled with lush green forests. It is often cited as one of the last South East Asian countries not to have been over developed for tourism. What will you be talking about when you return? Spectacular rice paddies and beautiful pagodas, or tubing in Vang Vieng? I’d say the latter is quite likely.

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Action Packed New Zealand

This guest post was written by Sophie Collard | Photo provided by oemebamo on Flickr

Surf through some  last minute hotel deals and pack your bags with waterproofs and hiking boots, this is going to be wild. New Zealand is a really diverse country. It’s home to the clearest rivers, the most awesome mountains, and to national parks spewing sulphur and covered in giant ferns like the ones in Jurassic Park. Aside from the greenery and volcanic activity the diversity includes, it makes it a perfect adventure travel destination.

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