A Siem Reap Weekend Trip And Photography Tour


My girlfriend and I were looking for a place to visit on a long weekend in early December. Being in Bangkok, we had lots of cool nearby options. When she told me she hadn’t been to Angkor Wat, I was like, “In that case, we definitely have to have to go.”

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Scuba Diving the Similan Islands in Thailand

thailand fish

I’m surrounded by a deep blue haze.  Small locals this region of the world of varying shades of yellow, black, and blue pass by, seeming not to notice me.  I take a deep breath in, and blow bubbles back out.  Looking up, I can see the surface of the water from down below. I’m a traveler in a new land: scuba diving the Similan Islands in Thailand. Looking back over my 6 days, having completed 18 dives from a live-aboard boat sailing through some of the most beautiful islands this world has to offer, I was privy to quite a few amazing sights.

As a traveler, these are the types of experiences we grow to crave.

The Night Dive

I turned around in the water and saw my other two dive buddies, clearly thinking the same thing I was – I want to see the white glitter!

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Cyprus Adventure Travel Guide


Island of Cyprus (sometimes written Kypros)

A Note About this Cyprus Guide

This guide is about Cyprus the island, and does not discuss the political division between North Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus. Many articles have been written about travel between these territories. In general, as long as you enter Cyprus via the Republic of Cyprus in the south, you should be able to travel to and from northern Cyprus without problems.

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Tubing Laos (and other cool stuff)

This guest post was written by guest blogger Stephanie Collard of QunoSpotter.co.uk

Get off the computer, book some low cost flights, and go on the adventure of a lifetime in South East Asia. Laos is often the last country people visit, but it should be the first. Laos is a beautiful country filled with lush green forests. It is often cited as one of the last South East Asian countries not to have been over developed for tourism. What will you be talking about when you return? Spectacular rice paddies and beautiful pagodas, or tubing in Vang Vieng? I’d say the latter is quite likely.

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