Historic Hiking in Antigua, West Indies

This guest post was written by Chris Leadbeater


Today is not designed for strenuous exercise. The sun is insistent, an angry man who won’t let a bar-room argument go, unflagging as it sends out wave upon wave of raw heat. The sky continues the theme, a fierce blue, offering barely a wisp of friendly cloud. This morning is not for long walks, but for lounging and soft sleep.

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Driving a Yak to Mongolia

This guest post was written by the Return of the Yak team

Last summer I took part in the Mongol Rally; an overland journey with a difference. Travelling from the UK, through the remote and unreported lands of Central Asia, to Mongolia would be hard enough even without the rule that vehicles must have a sub 1.2 litre engine. With a car better suited for the weekly supermarket trip rather than a six week, trans-continental, partly off-road journey, many teams naturally don’t make it to the finish line in Ulaanbaatar. Nothing, from the overall goal to daily plans, is ever guaranteed and it is this unpredictability that makes the Mongol Rally one of the most unique adventures that’s easily accessible to most travellers.

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Making Waves in Jamaica

Guest post by Chris Leadbeater

It flits past my mask in a haze of azure and yellow, its flanks paint-box bright. ‘Flits’ may be the wrong word. ‘Cruises’ would be better, because this parrotfish is so large that it looks like it must have the turning radius of an ocean liner. Then – as if to contradict my uncharitable thought – the beast suddenly changes direction with a deft flick of its huge tail, and vanishes into the deep.

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Motorcycling Vietnam

By John Hutchinson

There are many ways to make Vietnam holidays extra-exciting. One of the brilliant things about Vietnam is the enormous number of motorbikes on the road and how easily available they are to visitors. The British television series Top Gear even dedicated a special episode to this way of seeing the country.

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Adventuring in the Fjords of Norway

This guest post was written by guest blogger Stephanie Collard of QunoSpotter.co.uk

One of the places you often find in a list of late holiday deals is Norway, a country famous for its fjords. A fjord is a glacier formed valley with steep cliffs on three sides and a narrow, elongated inlet of sea. The word “fjord” comes from the Norse word fjǫrðr, which means, on the most basic level, ‘where you travel through’. Norway is home to the second and third largest fjords in the world Sognefjord (203 km), and the Hardanger Fjord (179 km).

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Wine and Mountains in Mendoza

This guest post is by Stephanie Collard of QunoSpotter.

Argentina has a fantastic bus network, so if you’re flying into Buenos Aires you can get a bus to either of two recommended adventure travel destinations, Mendoza and Bariloche. If you prefer to drive it’s best to find a cheap car hire online beforehand and arrange a destination where you can pick up your car. Driving the 18 hours from Buenos Aires may not be your cup of tea and the added expense incurred may not be worth it.

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