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Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites

There is no better way for untrained mountaineers to experience the highest ridges and peaks of the most scenic range of mountains in the Alps than via ferrata in the Dolomites. Via ferrata is a system of cables, steps, and ladders embedded in a mountainside that enables untrained adventurers (with proper safety equipment) to ascend to peaks and ridges formerly accessible only to experienced climbers. The best place for via ferrata is in the Italy’s Domlomite Mountains, where it was first developed. Continue Reading →


Stay in an Igloo Under the Aurora Borealis

One of the most unique ways to see the aurora borealis (also called the northern lights) is to stay in an igloo at the Igloo Village in Finnish Lapland where you will be able to gaze up at the curtains of light as you fall asleep. Read on to find out more about the Igloo Village, what causes the aurora borealis, when the aurora borealis is most visible, and where the aurora borealis occurs. Continue Reading →


Adventures in Malaysian Borneo Part 1: Driving at Night with No Lights


“Don’t drive at night.” The rental agent told me.


It was 4pm. I was in the capital renting a motorcycle that I planned to drive around the perimeter of the state and I was already a day behind schedule. The first thing I planned to do was drive at night. Continue Reading →


Ask Matt: Studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan

Dear Matt,

I am trying to find a Mandarin course in Taipei, Taiwan which starts in October (anytime) for myself and my husband.  We have never been to Taiwan and do not speak any Mandarin. We have found a course which starts in December, but we just can’t wait that long to go! Continue Reading →