The Ten Most Stupid Ways to Reach Mongolia (Video)

Well, I’m sure that they’ve discovered more than ten. They have been doing this ridiculous rally since 2004.

I’m talking about the Mongol Rally 2012, a charitable free-for-all rally of ridiculousness from Great Britain to Mongolia organized each year by The Adventurists. The rally is comprised of teams driving themed cars (the stranger the better) across 10,000 miles of mountains and deserts.

There is no set route and back up cars are not allowed. It’s the most gonzo rally on earth.

256 teams participated in this year’s rally, including a couple on their honeymoon wearing their wedding clothes, a car with a bathtub on the roof (the press release did not explain why), a car with a yak on the roof (I think the reason is fairly self-explanatory) and a group of three paraplegics who call themselves The Wheelie Wanderers who took on the rally entirely unsupported.

The weirdness of the rally is unequalled. It also does a lot of good for charity. Since 2004 the rally has raised £2.3 million for charity, including £300,000 this year.

It has also resulted in uncounted fits of laughter and incredulous looks of disbelief.

Here’s this  year’s video, The Ten Most Stupid Ways to Reach Mongolia, which highlights the rally’s silliness.

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